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  1. Account of - also a.o.
  2. Alert and orientated
  3. Anoxic/Oxic
  4. Alert and oriented - also A&O
  5. Analog/Output
  6. Authorized outage

Thuộc thể loại

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  • A/P

    Accounts Payable - also AP, a/cs pay., A.P. and A/cs Pay Anterior/posterior Airplane - also A Auto Pilot - also AP Active/Passive Absent Parent - also...
  • A/P&Lat

    Anterior/posterior and lateral
  • A/PC

    Auto PC Auto Personal Computer
  • A/PR8

    A/Puerto Rico/8/34
  • A/R

    Accounts Receivable - also AR, a/cs rec., A.R. and A/cs Rec All risks - also a.r. and AR As Required - also AR and ASREQ Anoxia-reoxygenation - also A-R...
  • A/ROSE

    Apple Realtime Operating System Environment
  • A/S

    After Sight - also AS Air to Surface - also ATS Ascent Stage - also AS Account Sales - also A.S. Antisubmarine - also as Airspeed - also AS and A Air supply...
  • A/S/L

    Age/Sex/Location - also ASL Age/Sex/Location - also ASL Age,sex and lonely Age, Sex, Location - also ASL Age, Sex and Location
  • A/S/L/P

  • A/SA

  • A/SEC

    Amperes Per Second
  • A/SKID

    Anti Skid Anti-Skid
  • A/T

    ACTION TIME - also AT Air Test Amplitude/turn Assembly and test - also A&T Automatic Transmission/Transaxle
  • A/TDA

    AA for Tracking and Data Acquisition - also AA/TDA
  • A/THR

    Auto Thrust - also AT
  • A/TT

    Analog Tie Trunk
  • A/UX

    Apple UniX - also AUX Apple\'s UNIX
  • A/V

    Audio/Video - also AV Arterial/venous Audio/Visual - also AV Ampere/volt Alanine/valine Area-volume ratios Animal/vegetable Air Vehicle - also AV
  • A/W/E

  • A/WPR

    Air/Water Pollution Report
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