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  1. Aortic aneurysm repair - also AAA

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    Association for the Advancement of Agricultural Sciences in Africa

    Association for the Advancement of Applied Sports Psychology

    American Antiplatelet Stroke Prevention Study African-American antiplatelet stroke Prevention Study

    African Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology
  • AAAT

    American Association for the Advancement of Technology AAA TRAILER SALES, INC.
  • AAAV

    Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle Adeno-associated virus - also AAV, ADV and A-AV Advanced Assault Amphibious Vehicle - also AAV Advanced Airborne Command...

    Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle - Command

    Association of African American Web Developers
  • AAAX

    Shell Oil Products US AAA Warehouse Corporation
  • AAAs

    American Association for the Advancement of Science American Academy of Arts and Sciences American Assoc. for the Advancement of Science Abdominal aortic...
  • AAB

    All-to-All Broadcast Army Aviation Board Acetic acid bacteria Air Assault Brigade Alloantibodies Autoantibodies - also AAs, A-Ab, aAbs, AutoAb, Abs, AB,...
  • AABA

    Association for Accountancy and Business Affairs
  • AABB

    American Association of Blood Banks Association of Blood Banks Axis Aligned Bounding Box
  • AABC

    Associated Air Balance Council ACCESS ANYTIME BANCORP, INC.

    Advanced Airborne Command Post - also AACP, AAAV and AABNCP
  • AABD

    Aid to the Aged, Blind and Disabled
  • AABF

    Afferent arteriole blood flow Assembly Area Blocking Force

    Amphibious Assault Bulk Fuel System
  • AABH

    Association for Ambulatory Behavioral Healthcare
  • AABL

    Advanced Atmospheric Burst Locator
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