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How to Treat Heatstroke

Cách xử lí bệnh đột quỵ vì nóng

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Heatstroke occurs when the body is unable to cool itself. Knowing first-aid techniques to treat this dangerous condition could save a life.

You Will Need

A cool area

Cool water, cool bath, or damp sheets

Drinking water


A fan (optional)

Sports drinks (optional)

Consult a physician for care and treatment advice if you suspect heatstroke. PLAY

Step 1: Know heatstroke symptoms. Look for a headache, dizziness, confusion, exhaustion, seizure, high body temperature, rapid heartbeat, dry skin, and hallucinations. PLAY

Step 2: Move a heatstroke victim into a cool, shady area or an air-conditioned building. PLAY

Step 3: Apply cool water to their skin or wrap them in damp sheets. Place them in a cool bath if they are conscious and able to cooperate.

Tip: Accelerate body cooling using a fan to blow cool air across the patient's skin. PLAY

Step 4: Provide cool drinking water to increase hydration if the victim is able to accept it.

Tip: Offer sports drinks to replenish both fluids and salt. PLAY

Step 5: Continue treatment until you verify with a thermometer that the person's temperature is 101.3 to 102.2 Fahrenheit. PLAY

Step 6: Keep the person in a cool area and ask them to lie down with their feet elevated. Bed rest combined with re-hydration will get them on the road to recuperation and recovery. PLAY

Did you know: Heat waves result in more deaths in the U.S. than hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, lightning, and earthquakes combined. PLAY

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