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  1. Absorbable algal calcium

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  • AAAD

    Aromatic amino acid decarboxylase Amebsa Academy Of Art Desgn Aromatic L-amino acid decarboxylase All arms for air defense Area Automated Air Defense

    Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder
  • AAAE

    American Association of Airport Executives
  • AAAG

    Attendance Area Advisory Group

    Australian Association of Academic General Practice - also A3GP
  • AAAH

    Airbus Approved Abbreviation Handbook Authentication,Authorization and Access controls Screaming

    Ambulatory Health Care
  • AAAI

    American Association for Artificial Intelligence American Association for Artifical Intelligence Associate of the Institute of Administrative Accountants

    American Association for Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care
  • AAAM

    Advanced Air-to-Air Missile Advanced Air to Air Missile Alumni Association Of Applied Mathematics

    Accounting Association of Australia and New Zealand

    Anti-Aircraft Artillery Order of Battle
  • AAAP

    Accelerated access authorization program Asian-Australasian Association of Animal Production American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry American Association...
  • AAAR

    Aortic aneurysm repair - also AAA

    Association for the Advancement of Agricultural Sciences in Africa

    Association for the Advancement of Applied Sports Psychology

    American Antiplatelet Stroke Prevention Study African-American antiplatelet stroke Prevention Study

    African Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology
  • AAAT

    American Association for the Advancement of Technology AAA TRAILER SALES, INC.
  • AAAV

    Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle Adeno-associated virus - also AAV, ADV and A-AV Advanced Assault Amphibious Vehicle - also AAV Advanced Airborne Command...
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