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How To Give a Speech

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Most of us dread making a speech to a group, but if you think of it as simple communication or helping others, you won’t be nervous. PLAY

You Will Need



Paper and pen

Role models

Stories and metaphors


Note cards

Strong voice

Audience PLAY

Step 1: Know the subject

Know your subject and align your message with audience expectations. PLAY

Step 2: Prepare

Prepare by role-playing the speech with a cohort to challenge your points. Focus on one topic and set out your speech to cover issues. PLAY

Step 3: Write it down

Capture key elements on paper in draft, and refine and edit a day or two later. Be concise and simple, using words that are easy to pronounce.

Limit complex formulations, big words, and too many statistics in your speech to avoid losing your audience. PLAY

Step 4: Summarize

While you’re preparing, summarize your speech in one sentence to be sure you’re on point. Jot notes to trigger stories and metaphors you will use to emphasize important information. PLAY

Step 5: Emulate others


Step 6: Practice and smile

Practice in front of a mirror, remembering to smile and gesture naturally. Outline your speech on note cards, but try to get “off book” as soon as you can so your delivery will flow PLAY

Step 7: Project your voice

Project and modulate your voice, using emotion to telegraph key points. As long as it’s not overdone, humor is always a good idea. PLAY

Step 8: Interact with the audience

Interact with the audience as you speak, permitting questions and moving around, keeping the presentation dynamic. PLAY

Did you know?

Making a presentation in public is the no.1 fear reported by people in the U.S. PLAY

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