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Mathematics .
a quantity possessing both magnitude and direction, represented by an arrow the direction of which indicates the direction of the quantity and the length of which is proportional to the magnitude. Compare scalar ( def. 4 ) .
such a quantity with the additional requirement that such quantities obey the parallelogram law of addition.
such a quantity with the additional requirement that such quantities are to transform in a particular way under changes of the coordinate system.
any generalization of the above quantities.
the direction or course followed by an airplane, missile, or the like.
Biology .
an insect or other organism that transmits a pathogenic fungus, virus, bacterium, etc.
any agent that acts as a carrier or transporter, as a virus or plasmid that conveys a genetically engineered DNA segment into a host cell.
Computers . an array of data ordered such that individual items can be located with a single index or subscript.

Verb (used with object)

Aeronautics . to guide (an aircraft) in flight by issuing appropriate headings.
Aerospace . to change direction of (the thrust of a jet or rocket engine) in order to steer the craft.


bearing , course

Các từ tiếp theo

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    mathematics ., the direction or course followed by an airplane, missile, or the like., biology ., computers . an array of data ordered such that individual...
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    sometimes, vedas. the entire body of hindu sacred writings, chief among which are four books, the rig-veda, the sama-veda, the atharva-veda, and the yajur-veda.,...
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    also called vedette boat. a small naval launch used for scouting., a mounted sentry in advance of the outposts of an army.
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    of, pertaining to, or of the nature of plants or vegetables., vegetative ( def. 5 ) .
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    to grow in, or as in, the manner of a plant., to be passive or unthinking; to do nothing, pathology . to grow, or increase by growth, as an excrescence.,...
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    all the plants or plant life of a place, taken as a whole, the act or process of vegetating., a dull existence; life devoid of mental or social activity.,...
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