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How to Make Popcorn while Camping

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How to Make Popcorn while Camping

Take popcorn out of the movie theater and into nature with a little ingenuity to make your next camping trip full of buttery goodness.

You Will Need


Aluminium Foil



A stick




Step 1: Light your campfire and let it burn until you have hot embers.

Tips: Make sure you light your fire in an open area far from trees, tents, and shrubbery.

Step 2: Cut several pieces of foil 18 to 20 inches long.

Step 3: Add a handful of popcorn kernels and a teaspoon of oil to each piece of foil.

Step 4: Fold the foil in half, then twist the sides to form a seal.

Then attach the pouches to long sticks.

Place the pouch either directly on the coals or slightly above.

Wait for the kernels to start popping.

Once your hear no more popping noise, remove your popcorn and open the pouch.

Tips: Use caution when opening the pouch, as it will be very hot and steamy inside.

Step 5: Add a bit of salt, butter, and even sugar if you like, and enjoy your yummy treat in the woods.

Did you know: Archaeologists have found 1,000-year-old kernels of popcorn in Peru and Utah.


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