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thought of apart from concrete realities, specific objects, or actual instances
an abstract idea.
expressing a quality or characteristic apart from any specific object or instance, as justice, poverty, and speed.
theoretical; not applied or practical
abstract science.
difficult to understand; abstruse
abstract speculations.
Fine Arts .
of or pertaining to the formal aspect of art, emphasizing lines, colors, generalized or geometrical forms, etc., esp. with reference to their relationship to one another.
( often initial capital letter ) pertaining to the nonrepresentational art styles of the 20th century.


a summary of a text, scientific article, document, speech, etc.; epitome.
something that concentrates in itself the essential qualities of anything more extensive or more general, or of several things; essence.
an idea or term considered apart from some material basis or object.
an abstract work of art.

Verb (used with object)

to draw or take away; remove.
to divert or draw away the attention of.
to steal.
to consider as a general quality or characteristic apart from specific objects or instances
to abstract the notions of time, space, and matter.
to make an abstract of; summarize. ?


abstract away from
to omit from consideration.
in the abstract
without reference to a specific object or instance; in theory
beauty in the abstract.

Các từ tiếp theo

  • Abstruse

    hard to understand; recondite; esoteric, obsolete . secret; hidden., adjective, adjective, abstruse theories ., clear , concrete , easy , lucid , obvious...
  • Abstruseness

    hard to understand; recondite; esoteric, obsolete . secret; hidden., abstruse theories .
  • Absurd

    utterly or obviously senseless, illogical, or untrue; contrary to all reason or common sense; laughably foolish or false, the quality or condition of existing...
  • Absurdity

    the state or quality of being absurd., something absurd., noun, noun, logic , reason , reasonableness , sense, applesauce * , bs , bull * , crap , craziness...
  • Abulia

    a symptom of mental disorder involving impairment or loss of volition.
  • Abundance

    an extremely plentiful or oversufficient quantity or supply, overflowing fullness, affluence; wealth, physics, chemistry . the number of atoms of one isotope...
  • Abundant

    present in great quantity; more than adequate; oversufficient, well supplied; abounding, richly supplied, adjective, adjective, an abundant supply of water...
  • Abuse

    to use wrongly or improperly; misuse, to treat in a harmful, injurious, or offensive way, to speak insultingly, harshly, and unjustly to or about; revile;...
  • Abuser

    to use wrongly or improperly; misuse, to treat in a harmful, injurious, or offensive way, to speak insultingly, harshly, and unjustly to or about; revile;...
  • Abusive

    using, containing, or characterized by harshly or coarsely insulting language, treating badly or injuriously; mistreating, esp. physically, wrongly used;...

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  • 28/07/21 02:51:17
    helu Rừng,
    Các bro cho em hỏi "Sanitary wood" là loại gỗ gì ạ, em tra cứu không ra. Thanks all
    • Sáu que Tre
      0 · 28/07/21 11:38:39
  • 26/07/21 06:06:28
    mọi người cho mình hỏi cấu trúc nói trong câu: " There was this young pretty employee wanted by "
    >> thì young pretty hay pretty young đúng vậy.
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    • Vũ Triều
      1 · 26/07/21 11:37:32
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        Trả lời · 27/07/21 04:45:11
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  • 24/07/21 01:40:53
    mọi người ơi cho em hỏi cụm collocation "city skyline" là gì ạ?
    Cám ơn trước ạ
    • dienh
      0 · 25/07/21 07:10:49
  • 20/07/21 04:39:57
    Mọi người ơi cho em hỏi muốn tìm từ đồng nghĩa việt-việt thì làm cách nào ạ?(think)
    Huy Quang đã thích điều này
  • 17/07/21 03:45:51
    R buổi chiều vui vẻ..
    Xin nhờ các cao nhân tư vấn giúp em, cái two-by-two ở đây hiểu thế nào ạ. Ngữ cảnh: bốc xếp hàng hóa. Em cám ơn
    "It is not allowed to join several unit loads together with any fixation method. A unit load shall
    always be handled as a separate unit and never joining together two-by-two. This is valid for both
    horizontal and vertical joining for unit loads. This requirement is also applicable for filling solutions,
    except for load safety reasons.
    Huy Quang đã thích điều này
    • PBD
      1 · 18/07/21 10:22:25
      • midnightWalker
        Trả lời · 20/07/21 09:52:37
    • NguyenQuoc
      0 · 25/07/21 12:47:18
  • 16/07/21 09:01:24
    Mọi người ơi cho em hỏi trong câu này:
    It is said that there are 2 types of people of humans in this world.
    A drive to "life" - humans who are ruled by "Eros"
    A drive to "death" - humans who are rules by "Thanatos"
    Thì từ drive ở đây em dùng "động lực" có được không ạ? Vì nếu dùng động lực em vẫn thấy nó chưa chính xác lắm í
    Huy Quang đã thích điều này
    • PBD
      2 · 18/07/21 10:27:26
      • ZiPei
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