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permission or right to enter
admittance into the exhibit room.
an act of admitting.
actual entrance.
Electricity . the measure of the ability of a circuit to conduct an alternating current, consisting of two components, conductance and susceptance; the reciprocal of impedance, expressed in mhos. Symbol


access , entrance , entre , entry , ingress , pass , passage , receptionnotes:admission implies a physical entrance , whereas admittance implies some sort of procedural or merely formal entry; admission correlates with permission to move into a room or building but admittance correlates with acceptance into a group or organization , ingression , introduction , intromission , admission

Tham khảo thêm từ có nội dung liên quan

  • to send, put, or let in; introduce; admit., noun, admittance , entrance , ingress , ingression , introduction
  • the act of going in or entering., the right to enter., a means or place of entering; entryway., astronomy . immersion ( def. 5 ) ., noun, admittance , entrance , ingress , introduction , intromission
  • refuse or deny oneself (some rights, conveniences, etc.); reject; renounce., to relinquish; give up., noun, noun, acquiescence , admittance
  • the conducting power, esp. the power to conduct alternating current, of a conductor, equal to the real part of the admittance
  • like, commonly turning on hinges or sliding in grooves., a doorway, the building, house, etc., to which a door belongs, any means of approach, admittance,...
  • , as for nonpayment of rent., to recover (property, titles, etc.) by virtue of superior legal title., noun, noun, admittance , boarding , including , leasing , receiving ,...
  • an act or instance of excluding., the state of being excluded., physiology . a keeping apart; blocking of an entrance., noun, noun, acceptance , addition , admittance
  • of entering; entryway., astronomy . immersion ( def. 5 ) ., noun, entrance , admission , access , doorway , entry , portal , door , gate , entryway , admittance , entre , ingression...
  • the ability, right, or permission to approach, enter, speak with, or use; admittance, the state
  • to strike a sounding blow with the fist, knuckles, or anything hard, esp. on a door, window, or the like, as in seeking admittance

Xem tiếp các từ khác

  • Admittedly

    by acknowledgment; by one's own admission; confessedly, he was admittedly the one who had lost the documents .
  • Admix

    to mingle with or add to something else., verb, amalgamate , blend , commingle , commix , fuse , intermingle , intermix , merge , mingle , stir
  • Admixture

    the act of mixing; state of being mixed., anything added; any alien element or ingredient, a compound containing an admixture., noun, this is a pure product...
  • Admonish

    to caution, advise, or counsel against something., to reprove or scold, esp. in a mild and good-willed manner, to urge to a duty; remind, verb, verb, the...
  • Admonishing

    expressing reproof or reproach especially as a corrective[syn: admonitory ], adjective, admonitory , monitory , warning
  • Admonishment

    to caution, advise, or counsel against something., to reprove or scold, esp. in a mild and good-willed manner, to urge to a duty; remind, noun, the teacher...
  • Admonition

    an act of admonishing., counsel, advice, or caution., a gentle reproof., a warning or reproof given by an eccleslastical authority., noun, advice , apprisal...
  • Admonitory

    tending or serving to admonish; warning, adjective, an admonitory gesture ., admonishing , monitory , warning
  • Adnate

    grown fast to something; congenitally attached.
  • Adnoun

    an adjective used as a noun, as meek in blessed are the meek; absolute adjective.

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