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the act of a person or thing that parks, esp. a vehicle.
space in which to park vehicles, as at a place of business or a public event
There's plenty of free parking at the stadium.
permission to park vehicles
Is there parking on this side of the street?
the activity or occupation of a person who operates or works in a parking lot, garage, or the like.
parking strip.
Informal . the act of kissing and caressing in a parked car
Some of the couples went parking on their way home from the dance.


of, pertaining to, used for, or engaged in parking, esp. of vehicles
parking regulations; a parking ticket; a parking space; a parking attendant.

Các từ tiếp theo

  • Parkway

    a broad thoroughfare with a dividing strip or side strips planted with grass, trees, etc., chiefly new york state and western new england . a strip of...
  • Parlance

    a way or manner of speaking; vernacular; idiom, speech, esp. a formal discussion or debate., talk; parley., noun, legal parlance ., argot , colloquialism...
  • Parlay

    to bet or gamble (an original amount and its winnings) on a subsequent race, contest, etc., informal . to use (one's money, talent, or other assets) to...
  • Parley

    a discussion or conference., an informal conference between enemies under a truce, esp. to discuss terms, conditions of surrender, etc., to hold an informal...
  • Parliament

    ( usually initial capital letter ) the legislature of great britain, historically the assembly of the three estates, now composed of lords spiritual and...
  • Parliamentarian

    a person who is expert in the formal rules and procedures of deliberative assemblies and other formal organizations., ( sometimes initial capital letter...
  • Parliamentary

    of or pertaining to a parliament or any of its members., enacted or established by a parliament., having a parliament., of the nature of a parliament.,...
  • Parlor

    older use . a room for the reception and entertainment of visitors to one's home; living room., a room, apartment, or building serving as a place of business...
  • Parlor car

    a railroad passenger car that has individual reserved seats and is more comfortable than a day coach., noun, chair car , dining car
  • Parlor maid

    a maid who takes care of a parlor, answers the door, waits on guests, etc.

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