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Mục lục


a handful or small bundle of straw, hay, or the like.
any thin tuft, lock, mass, etc.
wisps of hair.
a thin puff or streak, as of smoke; slender trace.
a person or thing that is small, delicate, or barely discernible
a mere wisp of a lad; a wisp of a frown.
a whisk broom.
Chiefly British Dialect .
a pad or twist of straw, as used to rub down a horse.
a twisted bit of straw used as a torch.
a will-o'-the-wisp or ignis fatuus.

Verb (used with object)

to twist into a wisp.


bit , lock , piece , shock , shred , snippet , string , thread , tuft , twist , band , broom , brush , bunch , bundle , clean , flock , fragment , frail , hint , indication , rumple , slight , strand , thin , trace , whisk

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  • Witch-hunting

    an intensive effort to discover and expose disloyalty, subversion, dishonesty, or the like, usually based on slight, doubtful, or irrelevant evidence.
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    pt. of withdraw.
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