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accompanied by; accompanying
I will go with you. He fought with his brother against the enemy.
in some particular relation to (esp. implying interaction, company, association, conjunction, or connection)
I dealt with the problem. She agreed with me.
characterized by or having
a person with initiative.
(of means or instrument) by the use of; using
to line a coat with silk; to cut with a knife.
(of manner) using or showing
to work with diligence.
in correspondence, comparison, or proportion to
Their power increased with their number. How does their plan compare with ours?
in regard to
to be pleased with a gift.
(of cause) owing to
to die with pneumonia; to pale with fear.
in the region, sphere, or view of
It is day with us while it is night with the Chinese.
(of separation) from
to part with a thing.
against, as in opposition or competition
He fought with his brother over the inheritance.
in the keeping or service of
to leave something with a friend.
in affecting the judgment, estimation, or consideration of
Her argument carried a lot of weight with the trustees.
at the same time as or immediately after; upon
And with that last remark, she turned and left.
of the same opinion or conviction as
Are you with me or against me?
in proximity to or in the same household as
He lives with his parents.
(used as a function word to specify an additional circumstance or condition)
We climbed the hill, with Jeff following behind.


in with. in ( def. 34 ) .
with child
with it
Slang .
knowledgeable about, sympathetic to, or partaking of the most up-to-date trends, fashions, art, etc.
representing or characterized by the most up-to-date trends, fashions, art, etc.
with that. that ( def. 18 ) .


accompanying , along , alongside , amidst , among , beside , by , for , including , near , plus , upon

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