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Mục lục


easy to deal with; eager to help or please; obliging.


alienating , disobliging , estranged


considerate , cooperative , friendly , generous , handy , helpful , hospitable , kind , neighborly , obliging , on deck , on tap * , polite , unselfish , user friendly , agreeable , complaisant , indulgent

Tham khảo thêm từ có nội dung liên quan

  • a vehicle accommodating two persons.
  • willing
  • or disposed to please; obliging; agreeable or gracious; compliant, adjective, adjective, the most complaisant child i 've ever met ., antagonistic , disagreeable , discontented , dissatisfied , obstinate, accommodating , amiable , compliant ,...
  • managed or handled; tractable, readily trained or taught; teachable., adjective, adjective, a docile horse ., determined , headstrong , inflexible , intractable , obstinate , opinionated , stubborn , uncooperative , unyielding , indocile, accommodating...
  • of standard or customary length, showing or accommodating the full length or height of the human body, a full -length movie ., a full -length mirror .
  • or rendering aid or assistance; of service, adjective, adjective, your comments were very helpful ., disadvantageous , harmful , hurtful , injurious , unconstructive , unhelpful , useless , worthless, accessible , accommodating , advantageous ,...
  • the act of accommodating
  • of returning to its original length, shape, etc., after being stretched, deformed, compressed, or expanded, spontaneously expansive, as gases., flexible; accommodating
  • readiness., adjective, adjective, willing to go along ., a willing worker ., disagreeable , unprepared , unwilling, accommodating , active...
  • an assemblage; gathering, a driveway or promenade, esp. in a park., a boulevard or other broad thoroughfare., a large open space for accommodating

Xem tiếp các từ khác

  • Accommodation

    the act of accommodating; state or process of being accommodated; adaptation., adjustment of differences; reconciliation., sociology . a process of mutual...
  • Accommodation ladder

    a portable flight of steps, usually having a small platform at each end, suspended at the side of a vessel to give access to and from boats alongside.,...
  • Accompanied

    to go along or in company with; join in action, to be or exist in association or company with, to put in company with; cause to be or go along; associate...
  • Accompaniment

    something incidental or added for ornament, symmetry, etc., music . a part in a composition designed to serve as background and support for more important...
  • Accompanist

    music . a person who plays an accompaniment.
  • Accompany

    to go along or in company with; join in action, to be or exist in association or company with, to put in company with; cause to be or go along; associate...
  • Accomplice

    a person who knowingly helps another in a crime or wrongdoing, often as a subordinate., noun, noun, adversary , enemy , opponent, abettor , accessory ,...
  • Accomplish

    to bring to its goal or conclusion; carry out; perform; finish, to complete (a distance or period of time), archaic . to provide polish to; perfect., verb,...
  • Accomplished

    completed; done; effected, highly skilled; expert, having all the social graces, manners, and other attainments of polite society., adjective, adjective,...
  • Accomplishment

    an act or instance of carrying into effect; fulfillment, something done admirably or creditably, anything accomplished; deed; achievement, often, accomplishments.,...

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