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Mục lục


any of the instruments or vessels commonly used in a kitchen, dairy, etc.
eating utensils; baking utensils.
any instrument, vessel, or tool serving a useful purpose
smoking utensils; fishing utensils; farming utensils.


apparatus , appliance , contrivance , convenience , device , equipment , fork , gadget , implement , instrument , knife , silverware , spoon , tableware , ware , spatula , tool

Tham khảo thêm từ có nội dung liên quan

  • a short-handled shovellike utensil into which dust is swept for removal.
  • a forklike utensil with two broad prongs and one sharp, curved prong, as used for serving hors d'oeuvres.
  • a metal or plastic container with a perforated bottom, for draining and straining foods., noun, bowl-shaped , sieve , sifter , strainer , utensil
  • an appliance or utensil for cooking, a person employed in certain industrial processes, as in brewing or distilling, to operate cooking apparatus., pressure cooker .
  • mechanical contrivance or device; any ingenious article., noun, apparatus , appliance , business , concern , contraption , contrivance , doodad * , doohickey * , gimmick , gizmo * , invention , object , thing * , thingamajig , tool , utensil , whatchamacallit...
  • a beam or ray of sunlight., australian slang . a dish or utensil that has not been used during a meal and so does not have to be washed.
  • a ladle or ladlelike utensil, esp. a small, deep-sided shovel with a short, horizontal handle, for taking up flour, sugar, etc., a utensil
  • any of various metal alloys consisting mainly of copper and zinc., a utensil, ornament, or
  • quality of being convenient; suitability., anything that saves or simplifies work, adds to one's ease or comfort, etc., as an appliance, utensil, or the like., a convenient situation or time, advantage or accommodation, chiefly british . water closet...
  • food; cookery., used in preparing foods, fit to eat when cooked ( distinguished from eating ), adjective, a cooking utensil ., cooking apples ., simmering , heating , boiling ,...

Xem tiếp các từ khác

  • Uteri

    the enlarged, muscular, expandable portion of the oviduct in which the fertilized ovum implants and develops or rests during prenatal development; the...
  • Uterine

    of or pertaining to the uterus or womb., related through having had the same mother.
  • Uterus

    the enlarged, muscular, expandable portion of the oviduct in which the fertilized ovum implants and develops or rests during prenatal development; the...
  • Utilise

    to put to use; turn to profitable account, to utilize a stream to power a mill .
  • Utilitarian

    pertaining to or consisting in utility., having regard to utility or usefulness rather than beauty, ornamentation, etc., of, pertaining to, or adhering...
  • Utilitarianism

    the ethical doctrine that virtue is based on utility, and that conduct should be directed toward promoting the greatest happiness of the greatest number...
  • Utility

    the state or quality of being useful; usefulness, something useful; a useful thing., a public service, as a telephone or electric-light system, a streetcar...
  • Utility man

    a worker expected to serve in any capacity when called on., an actor of miscellaneous small parts., baseball . a player who is not a regular and whose...
  • Utilizable

    to put to use; turn to profitable account, adjective, to utilize a stream to power a mill ., accessible , employable , operable , operative , practicable...
  • Utilization

    to put to use; turn to profitable account, noun, to utilize a stream to power a mill ., application , employment , exertion , implementation , operation...

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