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sharp or severe in effect; intense
acute sorrow; an acute pain.
extremely great or serious; crucial; critical
an acute shortage of oil.
(of disease) brief and severe ( opposed to chronic ).
sharp or penetrating in intellect, insight, or perception
an acute observer.
extremely sensitive even to slight details or impressions
acute eyesight.
sharp at the end; ending in a point.
Geometry .
(of an angle) less than 90?.
(of a triangle) containing only acute angles.
consisting of, indicated by, or bearing the mark ?, placed over vowel symbols in some languages to show that the vowels or the syllables they are in are pronounced in a certain way, as in French that the quality of an e so marked is close; in Hungarian that the vowel is long; in Spanish that the marked syllable bears the word accent; in Ibo that it is pronounced with high tones; or in classical Greek, where the mark originated, that the syllable bears the word accent and is pronounced, according to the ancient grammarians, with raised pitch ( opposed to grave )
the acute accent; an acute e.


the acute accent.


forcefulness , severity , fierceness , cleverness , keenness , astuteness , acumen , intelligence

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    xin chào, em tra từ " admire " nhưng dường như vẫn sót 1 nghĩa của từ này là "chiêm ngưỡng".
    We stood for a few moments, admiring the view.
    Chúng tôi đứng lại vài phút, chiêm ngưỡng quang cảnh.
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    Cả nhà ơi mình dịch các từ Condiments, Herbs, Spices & Seasonings như thế nào cho sát nghĩa ạ. Cảm ơn cả nhà!
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    Từ điển quá đầy đủ nhưng mà lại không có bản mobile app hơi tiếc nhỉ? Không biết các admin có dự định làm mobile app không ạ?
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    Nhờ cả nhà dịch giúp đoạn này với ạ.
    Sudden hearing loss (SHL) is a frightening symptom that
    often prompts an urgent or emergent visit to a clinician.
    This guideline update focuses on sudden sensorineural hear-ing loss (SSNHL), the majority of which is idiopathic and
    which, if not recognized and managed promptly, may result
    in persistent hearing loss and tinnitus and reduced patient
    quality of life.
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