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the act or process of buying, selling, or exchanging commodities, at either wholesale or retail, within a country or between countries
domestic trade; foreign trade.
a purchase or sale; business deal or transaction.
an exchange of items, usually without payment of money.
any occupation pursued as a business or livelihood.
some line of skilled manual or mechanical work; craft
the trade of a carpenter; printer's trade.
people engaged in a particular line of business
a lecture of interest only to the trade.
an increase in the tourist trade.
a field of business activity
a magazine for the furniture trade.
the customers of a business establishment.
Informal . trade paper.
trades. trade wind ( def. 1 ) .

Verb (used with object)

to buy and sell; barter; traffic in.
to exchange
to trade seats.

Verb (used without object)

to carry on trade.
to traffic (usually fol. by in )
a tyrant who trades in human lives.
to make an exchange.
to make one's purchases; shop; buy.


of or pertaining to trade or commerce.
used by, serving, or intended for a particular trade
trade journal.
Also, trades. of, composed of, or serving the members of a trade
a trade club.

Verb phrases

trade down, to exchange a more valuable or desirable item for a less valuable or desirable one.
trade in, to give (a used article) as payment to be credited toward a purchase
We trade in our car every three years.
trade off, to exchange something for or with another.
trade on or upon, to turn to one's advantage, esp. selfishly or unfairly; exploit
to trade on the weaknesses of others.
trade up, to exchange a less valuable or desirable item for a more valuable or desirable one.


commerce , industry , trade , traffic

Tham khảo thêm từ có nội dung liên quan

  • a trading ship.
  • Jbo

    , jbo is joint back office (stock trading).
  • , churning, in securities, is the frequent trading of an account in order to generate commissions.
  • , fx account (foreign exchange account) is a trading account usually based in foreign currencies.
  • , gray market is the unofficial trading of securities before their formal public issue.
  • , churning, in securities, is the frequent trading of an account in order to generate commissions.
  • , odd lot is a quantity of securities less than the accepted unit of trading.
  • income exclusion is the amount excluded from a taxpayers gross income for certain transactions that generate foreign trading
  • , insider trading is the trading, primarily of securities, by management or others who have special
  • , limit

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