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Verb (used with object)

to make more dense or compact; reduce the volume or extent of; concentrate.
to reduce to a shorter form; abridge
Condense your answer into a few words.
to reduce to another and denser form, as a gas or vapor to a liquid or solid state.

Verb (used without object)

to become denser or more compact or concentrated.
to reduce a book, speech, statement, or the like, to a shorter form.
to become liquid or solid, as a gas or vapor
The steam condensed into droplets.


enlarge , expand , lengthen


abbreviate , blue pencil , boil down , chop , coagulate , compact , compress , concentrate , constrict , contract , curtail , cut , cut down , decoct , densen , digest , edit , encapsulate , epitomize , inventory , precipitate , prcis , press together , put in a nutshell , reduce , shorten , shrink , snip , solidify , sum , summarize , summate , synopsize , telescope , thicken , trim , abridge , inspissate , capsulize , consolidate , diminish , harden , lessen , unite

Tham khảo thêm từ có nội dung liên quan

  • to thicken, as by evaporation; make or become dense., verb, condense
  • to alter, abridge, or cancel with or as with a pencil that has blue lead, as in editing a manuscript., verb, abridge , alter , condense , cut , delete , edit , revise
  • to cause to change into vapor., to become converted into vapor., to indulge in boastful talk; speak braggingly., verb, boil away , volatilize , aerate , boil , condense , dissipate , evaporate
  • to reduce (laws, rules, etc.) to a code., to make a digest of; arrange in
  • congeal; become jellylike in consistency., to become clear, substantial, or definite; crystallize, to cause to jell., verb, verb, the plan began to jell once we all met to discuss it ., liquidate , melt, clot , cohere , come together , condense , congeal...
  • of ice or mechanical refrigeration., the part of a distilling apparatus that cools the volatile material, causing it to condense; condenser; rectifier.
  • to make a summary of; state or express in a concise form., to constitute a
  • , or complex, verb, verb, the plot thickens ., dilute , liquefy , melt , thin , water down, add , buttress , cake , clabber , clot , coagulate , condense , congeal ,...
  • to make or become tight or tighter., verb, verb, free , let go , loose , loosen , relax , release, bind , clench , close , compress , condense
  • to press together; force into less space., to cause to become a solid mass, to condense

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