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pt. of uprise.

Verb (used without object)

to rise up; get up, as from a lying or sitting posture.
to rise into view
As we approached the city, the spires of tall buildings uprose as if to greet us.
to rise in revolt.
to come into existence or prominence
Many calamities uprose to plague the people during the war.
to move upward; mount up; ascend.
to come above the horizon.
to slope upward
The land uprises from the river to the hills.
to swell or grow, as a sound
A blare of trumpets uprose to salute the king.


an act of rising up.

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  • Upset

    to overturn, to disturb mentally or emotionally; perturb, to disturb or derange completely; put out of order; throw into disorder, to disturb physically,...
  • Upsetting

    tending to disturb or upset, adjective, an upsetting experience ., disquieting , disruptive , distressful , distressing , intrusive , perturbing , troublesome...
  • Upshot

    the final issue, the conclusion, or the result, the gist, as of an argument or thesis., noun, noun, the upshot of the disagreement was a new bylaw ., cause...
  • Upside

    the upper side or part., that part of a chart or graph that shows a higher level, esp. in price., an upward trend, as in stock prices., a positive result.,...
  • Upside-down

    with the upper part undermost., in or into complete disorder; topsy-turvy, adjective, adjective, the burglars turned the house upside down ., right-side-up,...
  • Upside down

    with the upper part undermost., in or into complete disorder; topsy-turvy, adjective, the burglars turned the house upside down ., backwards , bottom up...
  • Upspring

    to spring up., to come into being or existence; arise, growth or development., a coming into existence; origin., verb, prosperity began to upspring after...
  • Upstage

    on or toward the back of the stage., of, pertaining to, or located at the back of the stage., haughtily aloof; supercilious., to overshadow (another performer)...
  • Upstairs

    up the stairs; to or on an upper floor., informal . in the mind, to or at a higher level of authority, military slang . at or to a higher level in the...
  • Upstanding

    upright; honorable; straightforward., of a fine, vigorous type., erect; erect and tall., adjective, adjective, bad , corrupted , dishonorable , disreputable,...
  • Upstandingness

    upright; honorable; straightforward., of a fine, vigorous type., erect; erect and tall., noun, honor , honorableness , incorruptibility , integrity
  • Upstart

    a person who has risen suddenly from a humble position to wealth, power, or a position of consequence., a presumptuous and objectionable person who has...
  • Upstream

    toward or in the higher part of a stream; against the current., directed upstream; situated upstream, commerce . of or pertaining to the early stages in...
  • Upstroke

    an upward stroke, esp. of a pen or pencil, or of a piston in a vertical cylinder.
  • Upsurge

    to surge up; increase; rise, the act of surging up; a large or rapid increase, verb, noun, water upsurged . crime upsurged ., an upsurge in sales ., aggrandize...
  • Upswing

    an upward swing or swinging movement, as of a pendulum., a marked increase or improvement, to make or undergo an upswing., noun, an upswing in stock prices...
  • Uptake

    apprehension; understanding or comprehension; mental grasp, an act or instance of taking up; a lifting, also called take-up. machinery . a pipe or passage...
  • Upthrow

    an upheaval, as of the earth's surface., geology . an upward displacement of rock on one side of a fault., to throw or cast up or upward.
  • Upthrust

    a thrust in an upward direction., a sudden and forceful upward movement, as of a nation's economy or the stock market, geology . an upheaval., to thrust...
  • Uptight

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