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Verb (used with object)

to allow to enter; grant or afford entrance to
to admit a student to college.
to give right or means of entrance to
This ticket admits two people.
to permit to exercise a certain function or privilege
admitted to the bar.
to permit; allow.
to allow or concede as valid
to admit the force of an argument.
to acknowledge; confess
He admitted his guilt.
to grant in argument; concede
The fact is admitted.
to have capacity for
This passage admits two abreast.

Verb (used without object)

to permit entrance; give access
This door admits to the garden.
to grant opportunity or permission (usually fol. by of )
The contract admits of no other interpretation.

Các từ tiếp theo

  • Admittance

    permission or right to enter, an act of admitting., actual entrance., electricity . the measure of the ability of a circuit to conduct an alternating current,...
  • Admittedly

    by acknowledgment; by one's own admission; confessedly, he was admittedly the one who had lost the documents .
  • Admix

    to mingle with or add to something else., verb, amalgamate , blend , commingle , commix , fuse , intermingle , intermix , merge , mingle , stir
  • Admixture

    the act of mixing; state of being mixed., anything added; any alien element or ingredient, a compound containing an admixture., noun, this is a pure product...
  • Admonish

    to caution, advise, or counsel against something., to reprove or scold, esp. in a mild and good-willed manner, to urge to a duty; remind, verb, verb, the...
  • Admonishing

    expressing reproof or reproach especially as a corrective[syn: admonitory ], adjective, admonitory , monitory , warning
  • Admonishment

    to caution, advise, or counsel against something., to reprove or scold, esp. in a mild and good-willed manner, to urge to a duty; remind, noun, the teacher...
  • Admonition

    an act of admonishing., counsel, advice, or caution., a gentle reproof., a warning or reproof given by an eccleslastical authority., noun, advice , apprisal...
  • Admonitory

    tending or serving to admonish; warning, adjective, an admonitory gesture ., admonishing , monitory , warning
  • Adnate

    grown fast to something; congenitally attached.

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  • 28/07/21 02:51:17
    helu Rừng,
    Các bro cho em hỏi "Sanitary wood" là loại gỗ gì ạ, em tra cứu không ra. Thanks all
    • Sáu que Tre
      0 · 28/07/21 11:38:39
  • 26/07/21 06:06:28
    mọi người cho mình hỏi cấu trúc nói trong câu: " There was this young pretty employee wanted by "
    >> thì young pretty hay pretty young đúng vậy.
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    • Vũ Triều
      1 · 26/07/21 11:37:32
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      2 · 27/07/21 05:04:56
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  • 24/07/21 01:40:53
    mọi người ơi cho em hỏi cụm collocation "city skyline" là gì ạ?
    Cám ơn trước ạ
    • dienh
      0 · 25/07/21 07:10:49
  • 20/07/21 04:39:57
    Mọi người ơi cho em hỏi muốn tìm từ đồng nghĩa việt-việt thì làm cách nào ạ?(think)
    Huy Quang đã thích điều này
  • 17/07/21 03:45:51
    R buổi chiều vui vẻ..
    Xin nhờ các cao nhân tư vấn giúp em, cái two-by-two ở đây hiểu thế nào ạ. Ngữ cảnh: bốc xếp hàng hóa. Em cám ơn
    "It is not allowed to join several unit loads together with any fixation method. A unit load shall
    always be handled as a separate unit and never joining together two-by-two. This is valid for both
    horizontal and vertical joining for unit loads. This requirement is also applicable for filling solutions,
    except for load safety reasons.
    Huy Quang đã thích điều này
    • PBD
      1 · 18/07/21 10:22:25
      • midnightWalker
        Trả lời · 20/07/21 09:52:37
    • NguyenQuoc
      0 · 25/07/21 12:47:18
  • 16/07/21 09:01:24
    Mọi người ơi cho em hỏi trong câu này:
    It is said that there are 2 types of people of humans in this world.
    A drive to "life" - humans who are ruled by "Eros"
    A drive to "death" - humans who are rules by "Thanatos"
    Thì từ drive ở đây em dùng "động lực" có được không ạ? Vì nếu dùng động lực em vẫn thấy nó chưa chính xác lắm í
    Huy Quang đã thích điều này
    • PBD
      2 · 18/07/21 10:27:26
      • ZiPei
        Trả lời · 1 · 19/07/21 04:42:36