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anything that (usually used in relative clauses)
Whatever you say is all right with me.
(used relatively to indicate a quantity of a specified or implied antecedent)
Take whatever you like of these.
no matter what
Do it, whatever happens.
any or any one of a number of things whether specifically known or not
papers, magazines, or whatever.
what (used interrogatively)
Whatever do you mean?


in any amount; to any extent
whatever merit the work has.
no matter what
whatever rebuffs he might receive.
being what or who it may be
Whatever the reason, he refuses to go.
of any kind (used as an intensifier following the noun or pronoun it modifies)
any person whatever.


(used to indicate indifference to a state of affairs, situation, previous statement, etc.)

Các từ tiếp theo

  • Whatnot

    a stand with shelves for bric-a-brac, books, etc., something or anything of the same or similar kind, noun, sheets , pillowcases , towels , napkins , and...
  • Whatsoever

    (an intensive form of whatever ), whatsoever it be ; in any place whatsoever .
  • Wheal

    a small, burning or itching swelling on the skin, as from a mosquito bite or from hives., a wale or welt., noun, wale , weal , whelk
  • Wheat

    the grain of any cereal grass of the genus triticum, esp. t. aestivum, used in the form of flour for making bread, cakes, etc., and for other culinary...
  • Wheatear

    any of several small, chiefly old world thrushes of the genus oenanthe, having a distinctive white rump, esp. o. oenanthe, of eurasia and north america.
  • Wheaten

    made of wheat flour or grain., of or pertaining to wheat., of the color of wheat, esp. a pale yellow-brown color.
  • Wheedle

    to endeavor to influence (a person) by smooth, flattering, or beguiling words or acts, to persuade (a person) by such words or acts, to obtain (something)...
  • Wheedler

    to endeavor to influence (a person) by smooth, flattering, or beguiling words or acts, to persuade (a person) by such words or acts, to obtain (something)...
  • Wheel

    a circular frame or disk arranged to revolve on an axis, as on or in vehicles or machinery., any machine, apparatus, instrument, etc., shaped like this...
  • Wheel-horse

    also called wheeler. a horse, or one of the horses, harnessed behind others and nearest the front wheels of a vehicle., chiefly south atlantic states ....

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