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a circular frame or disk arranged to revolve on an axis, as on or in vehicles or machinery.
any machine, apparatus, instrument, etc., shaped like this or having a circular frame, disk, or revolving drum as an essential feature
a potter's wheel; roulette wheel; spinning wheel.
steering wheel.
Nautical .
a circular frame with an axle connecting to the rudder of a ship, for steering
He took the wheel during the storm.
a paddle wheel.
a propeller.
Informal . a bicycle.
a round object, decoration, etc.
a wheel of cheese; a design of red wheels and blue squares.
an old instrument of torture in the form of a circular frame on which the victim was stretched until disjointed.
a circular firework that revolves rapidly while burning; pinwheel.
a rotating instrument that Fortune is represented as turning in order to bring about changes or reverses in human affairs.
moving, propelling, or animating agencies
the wheels of commerce; the wheels of thought.
Slang . a personal means of transportation, esp. a car.
a cycle, recurring action, or steady progression
the wheel of days and nights.
a wheeling or circular movement
the intricate wheels of the folk dances.
(formerly) a movement of troops, ships, etc., drawn up in line, as if turning on a pivot.
Informal . someone active and influential, as in business, politics, etc.; an important person
a big wheel.

Verb (used with object)

to cause to turn, rotate, or revolve, as on an axis.
to perform (a movement) in a circular or curving direction.
to move, roll, or convey on wheels, casters, etc.
The servants wheel the tables out.
to provide (a vehicle, machine, etc.) with wheels.

Verb (used without object)

to turn on or as on an axis or about a center; revolve, rotate, or pivot.
to move in a circular or curving course
pigeons wheeling above.
to turn so as to face in a different direction (often fol. by about or around )
He wheeled about and faced his opponent squarely.
to change one's opinion or procedure (often fol. by about or around )
He wheeled around and argued for the opposition.
to roll along on or as on wheels; travel along smoothly
The car wheeled along the highway.
British Military . to turn
Right wheel!


at the wheel
at the helm of a ship, the steering wheel of a motor vehicle, etc.
in command or control
Her ambition is to be at the wheel of a large corporation by the age of 40.
hell on wheels. hell ( def. 19 ) .
spin one's wheels
Informal . to expend or waste effort to no avail
He spun his wheels on that project for two years.
wheel and deal
Informal . to operate dynamically for one's own profit or benefit.
wheels within wheels
an involved interaction of motives or agencies operating to produce the final result
Government agencies are a study of wheels within wheels.


caster , circuit , circulation , circumvolution , cycle , disk , drum , gyration , gyre , hoop , pivot , pulley , ratchet , ring , roll , roller , rotation , round , spin , trolley , turn , twirl , whirl , band , arbor , axle , axletree , castor , cog , cogwheel , felly , flange , gear , hub , lathe , linchpin , miter wheel , rotiform , roulette , rowel , sheave , sheave (wheel of a pulley). associated words:spoke , skid , sprag , sprocket , straddle , strake , tire , traction , trochilic , trochilics , truckle , whorl
circle , gyrate , orbit , pirouette , pivot , reel , revolve , roll , spin , swing , swivel , trundle , twirl , whirl , circumvolve , rotate , motor , pilot , cam , caster , cog , disk , gear , gyration , helm , lathe , loop , revolution , rim , roller , rotation , rotor , round , rowel , sheave , sprocket , swirl , tire , treadmill , turn

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    also called wheeler. a horse, or one of the horses, harnessed behind others and nearest the front wheels of a vehicle., chiefly south atlantic states ....
  • Wheel chair

    a chair mounted on wheels for use by persons who cannot walk.
  • Wheel horse

    also called wheeler. a horse, or one of the horses, harnessed behind others and nearest the front wheels of a vehicle., chiefly south atlantic states ....
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  • Wheel window

    a rose window having prominent radiating mullions.
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    a frame or box for conveying a load, supported at one end by a wheel or wheels, and lifted and pushed at the other by two horizontal shafts., to move or...
  • Wheeled

    equipped with or having wheels (often used in combination), moving or traveling on wheels, a four -wheeled carriage ., wheeled transportation .
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    a person or thing that wheels., a person who makes wheels; wheelwright., something provided with a wheel or wheels (usually used in combination), wheel...
  • Wheelman

    also, wheelsman, a rider of a bicycle, tricycle, or the like., slang ., a driver, esp. a chauffeur, the mobster 's wheelman was also his bodyguard ., a...
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    a person whose trade it is to make or repair wheels, wheeled carriages, etc.

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