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Wing it

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Mục lục


either of the two forelimbs of most birds and of bats, corresponding to the human arms, that are specialized for flight.
either of two corresponding parts in flightless birds, which may be rudimentary, as in certain ratite birds, or adapted for swimming, as in penguins.
one of the paired, thin, lateral extensions of the body wall of an insect, located on the mesothorax and the metathorax, by means of which it flies.
a similar structure with which gods, angels, demons, etc., are conceived to be provided for the purpose of flying.
Slang . an arm of a human being, esp. a baseball player's pitching or throwing arm.
a means or instrument of flight, travel, or progress.
the act or manner of flying.
something resembling or likened to a bird's wing, as a vane or sail of a windmill.
Aeronautics .
one of a pair of airfoils attached transversely to the fuselage of an aircraft and providing lift.
both airfoils, taken collectively.
Architecture . a part of a building projecting on one side of, or subordinate to, a central or main part.
Furniture . either of two forward extensions of the sides of the back of an easy chair.
either of the two side portions of an army or fleet, usually called right wing and left wing, and distinguished from the center; flank units.
an administrative and tactical unit of the U.S. Air Force consisting of two or more groups, headquarters, and certain supporting and service units.
(in flight formation) noting a position to the side and just to the rear of another airplane.
Fortification . either of the longer sides of a crownwork, uniting it to the main work.
Sports . (in some team games) any one of the positions, or a player in such a position, on the far side of the center position, known as the left and right wings with reference to the direction of the opposite goal.
Theater .
the platform or space on the right or left of the stage proper.
wing flat.
Anatomy . an ala
the wings of the sphenoid.
Botany .
any leaflike expansion, as of a samara.
one of the two side petals of a papilionaceous flower.
either of the parts of a double door, screen, etc.
the feather of an arrow.
a faction within a political party, as at one extreme or the other
conflict between the right wing and the left wing.
Nautical . one of the far side areas of the hold of a merchant vessel.
British . a fender of an automobile, truck, bicycle, or other vehicle.

Verb (used with object)

to equip with wings.
to enable to fly, move rapidly, etc.; lend speed or celerity to.
to supply with a winglike part, a side structure, etc.
to transport on or as on wings.
to perform or accomplish by wings.
to traverse in flight.
to wound or disable in the wing
to wing a bird.
to wound (a person) in an arm or other nonvital part.
to bring down (as a flying bird) by a shot.
Informal . to throw; lob
He winged a ball through the neighbor's window.
to brush or clean with a wing.
Theater . to perform (a part, role, etc.) relying on prompters in the wings.

Verb (used without object)

to travel on or as if on wings; fly; soar
They are winging to the coast.


on the wing
in flight, or flying
a bird on the wing.
in motion; traveling; active
Scouts are on the wing in search of a new talent.
take wing
to begin to fly; take to the air.
to leave in haste; depart
Our resolutions to economize swiftly took wing.
under one's wing, under one's protection, care
or patronage
She took the orphan under her wing.
wing it
Informal . to accomplish or execute something without sufficient preparation or experience; improvise
He had no time to study, so he had to wing it.


ad-lib , concoct , devise , do offhand , do off the top of your head , fake it , improv , invent , make do , make up , play it by ear * , speak off the cuff , throw together

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