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Verb (used with object), -jured, -juring.

to renounce, repudiate, or retract, esp. with formal solemnity; recant
to abjure one's errors.
to renounce or give up under oath; forswear
to abjure allegiance.
to avoid or shun.


abstain from , forswear , recant , renege , renounce , retract , take back , [[withdrawnotes:abjure is \'swear off\' or \'swear away\' and adjure is \'command earnestly\'; abjure implies a firm and final rejecting or abandoning often made under oathrenounce often equals abjure but may carry the meaning of disclaim or disown and may imply a sacrifice for a greater end]] , recall , withdraw , abandon , avoid , desert , disavow , disclaim , eschew , give up , reject , repudiate , revoke , spurn

Tham khảo thêm từ có nội dung liên quan

  • to retract (something sworn or sworn to); recant by a subsequent oath; abjure.
  • to retract (something sworn or sworn to); recant by a subsequent oath; abjure.
  • to renounce, repudiate, or retract, esp. with formal solemnity; recant, to renounce or give up
  • refuse or deny oneself (some rights, conveniences, etc.); reject; renounce., to relinquish; give up
  • a penalty., to entreat or request earnestly or solemnly., verb, beseech , charge , entreat , implore , obligate , order , require , supplicatenotes:abjure is \'swear...
  • , verb, verb, to disallow a claim for compensation ., to disallow the veracity of a report ., allow , permit, abjure , cancel , censor , debar , deny , disacknowledge , disavow...
  • disclaim knowledge of, connection with, or responsibility for; disown; repudiate, verb, verb, he disavowed the remark that had been attributed to him ., agree , approve , sanction , vouch for , vow, abjure , contradict , deny , disacknowledge , disallow...
  • to abstain or keep away from; shun; avoid, verb, verb, to eschew evil ., embrace , like , love, abandon , abjure
  • neglect or overlook., archaic . to quit or leave., obsolete . to go or pass by., verb, verb, continue , indulge , keep , use, abandon , abdicate , abjure , abstain...
  • )., to swear falsely; commit perjury., verb, verb, to forswear an injurious habit ., go back to , revert, abjure , deny , disclaim , disown , drop , forgo , forsake...

Xem tiếp các từ khác

  • Ablactation

    to wean.
  • Ablate

    to remove or dissipate by melting, vaporization, erosion, etc., to become ablated; undergo ablation., verb, to ablate a metal surface with intense heat...
  • Ablation

    the removal, esp. of organs, abnormal growths, or harmful substances, from the body by mechanical means, as by surgery., the reduction in volume of glacial...
  • Ablative

    (in some inflected languages) noting a case that has among its functions the indication of place from which or, as in latin, place in which, manner, means,...
  • Ablaut

    (in indo-european languages) regular alternation in the internal phonological structure of a word element, esp. alternation of a vowel, that is coordinated...
  • Ablaze

    burning; on fire, gleaming with bright lights, bold colors, etc., excited; eager; zealous; ardent., very angry., adjective, adjective, they set the logs...
  • Able

    having necessary power, skill, resources, or qualifications; qualified, having unusual or superior intelligence, skill, etc., showing talent, skill, or...
  • Able-bodied

    having a strong, healthy body; physically fit, adjective, adjective, every able -bodied young man served in the armed forces ., delicate , infirm , weak,...
  • Abloom

    in bloom; blossoming; flowering.
  • Abluent

    serving to cleanse., a cleansing agent.

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