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deeply interested or involved; preoccupied
He had an absorbed look on his face.


bored , disinterested , distracted , indifferent , uninterested


captivated , consumed , deep in thought , engaged , engrossed , fascinated , fixed , gone * , head over heels * , held , immersed , intent , involved , lost , preoccupied , rapt , really into , up to here , wrapped up , deep , riveted

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  • absorbed in thought; meditative., contemplation; reflection., noun, absorbed
  • , absorbed costs incorporates both variable and fixed costs.
  • deeply interested or involved; preoccupied, he had an absorbed look on his face .
  • , =====absorbed primarily or only in one's own interests or activities.
  • the act of soaking., liquid that has seeped out or been absorbed.
  • the property of a body that determines the fraction of incident radiation absorbed or absorbable by the body.
  • psychologically abnormal egotism., adjective, egocentric , egoistic , egoistical , egotistical , self-absorbed
  • administered, removed, or absorbed by way of the skin, as an injection, needle biopsy, or transdermal drug.
  • absorbed
  • the act of engrossing., the state of being engrossed or absorbed, an engrossed copy of a document., noun, to read with engrossment ., enthrallment , immersion , preoccupation , prepossession

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