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failing to succeed; unsuccessful
an abortive rebellion; an abortive scheme.
born prematurely.
imperfectly developed; rudimentary.
Medicine/Medical .
producing or intended to produce abortion; abortifacient.
acting to halt progress of a disease.
Pathology . (of the course of a disease) short and mild without the usual, pronounced clinical symptoms.
Botany . (of seeds or pollen grains) imperfect; unable to germinate.


complete , consummated , effectual , efficient , fruitful , productive , successful


failed , failing , fruitless , futile , ineffective , ineffectual , miscarried , unavailing , unproductive , unsuccessful , useless , vain , worthless , frustrate , imperfect , miscarrying , rudimentary , sterile , undeveloped

Các từ tiếp theo

  • Abortiveness

    failing to succeed; unsuccessful, born prematurely., imperfectly developed; rudimentary., medicine/medical ., pathology . (of the course of a disease)...
  • Aboulia

    abulia., a loss of will power[syn: abulia ]
  • Abound

    to occur or exist in great quantities or numbers, to be rich or well supplied (usually fol. by in ), to be filled; teem (usually fol. by with ), verb,...
  • Abounding

    existing in abundance; "abounding confidence"; "whiskey galore", adjective, abundant , bountiful , copious , filled , flush , plenteous , prodigal , profuse...
  • About

    of; concerning; in regard to, connected or associated with, near; close to, in or somewhere near, on every side of; around, on or near (one's person),...
  • About-face

    military . a turn of 180? from the position of attention., a complete, sudden change in position, direction, principle, attitude, etc., to execute an about...
  • About face

    (used as a military command to perform an about-face).
  • Above

    in, at, or to a higher place., overhead, upstairs, or in the sky, higher in rank, authority, or power, higher in quantity or number, before or earlier,...
  • Above-mentioned

    mentioned or named earlier in the same text
  • Above board

    in open sight; without tricks, concealment, or disguise, their actions are open and aboveboard .

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    Completion of a four-year non-business bachelor’s degree.
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    " operation to remake an opening between the uterine tube and the uterus'
    Có thể hiểu là phẫu thuật mở 1 lỗ giữa Vòi tử cung và tử cung thì thuật ngữ "salpingohysterotomy' có diễn tả đúng về cái này k ạ?
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    Các bác cho hỏi trong ngành hàng không, người ta gọi "Metering fix" là cái gì ạ?
    Def.:METERING FIX- A fix along an established route from over which aircraft will be metered prior to entering terminal airspace. Normally, this fix should be established at a distance from the airport which will facilitate a profile descent 10,000 feet above airport elevation (AAE) or above.
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