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of; concerning; in regard to
instructions about the work; a book about the Civil War.
connected or associated with
There was an air of mystery about him.
near; close to
a man about my height; about six o'clock.
in or somewhere near
He is about the house.
on every side of; around
the railing about the excavation.
on or near (one's person)
They lost all they had about them.
so as to be of use to
Keep your wits about you.
on the verge or point of (usually fol. by an infinitive)
about to leave.
here or there; in or on
to wander about the old castle.
concerned with; engaged in doing
Tell me what it's about. Bring me the other book while you're about it.


near in time, number, degree, etc.; approximately
It's about five miles from here.
nearly; almost
Dinner is about ready.
nearby; not far off
He is somewhere about.
on every side; in every direction; around
Look about and see if you can find it.
halfway around; in the opposite direction
to turn a car about.
from one place to another; in this place or that
to move furniture about; important papers strewn about.
in rotation or succession; alternately
Turn about is fair play.
in circumference
a wheel two inches about.
Nautical .
onto a new tack.
onto a new course.


moving around; astir
He was up and about while the rest of us still slept.
in existence; current; prevalent
Chicken pox is about.


afar , away , distant , far , remote


around , back , backward , in reverse , round , anyhow , any which way , here and there , almost , nearly , roughly , backwards , rearward
almost , approximately , in general , in the ball park , in the neighborhood , nearly , practically , pretty nearly , roughly , apropos , as concerns , as respects , dealing with , in connection with , in relation to , in respect to , referring to , regarding , relative to , touching , touching on , adjacent , beside , nearby , around , encircling , round , surrounding , through , throughout , active , anent , as regards , astir , circa , concerning , in re , near , respecting , some

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