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(of language) native or indigenous ( opposed to literary or learned ).
expressed or written in the native language of a place, as literary works
a vernacular poem.
using such a language
a vernacular speaker.
of or pertaining to such a language.
using plain, everyday, ordinary language.
of, pertaining to, or characteristic of architectural vernacular.
noting or pertaining to the common name for a plant or animal.
Obsolete . (of a disease) endemic.


the native speech or language of a place.
the language or vocabulary peculiar to a class or profession.
a vernacular word or expression.
the plain variety of language in everyday use by ordinary people.
the common name of an animal or plant as distinguished from its Latin scientific name.
a style of architecture exemplifying the commonest techniques, decorative features, and materials of a particular historical period, region, or group of people.
any medium or mode of expression that reflects popular taste or indigenous styles.


common , dialectal , domesticated , idiomatic , indigenous , informal , ingrained , inherent , local , natural , ordinary , plebian , popular , vulgar
argot , cant , dialect , idiom , jargon , jive talk , language , lingo * , lingua franca , native tongue , parlance , patois , patter , phraseology , slang , speech , street talk , tongue , lingo , lexicon , terminology , vocabulary , colloquial , endemic

Tham khảo thêm từ có nội dung liên quan

  • a vernacular word or expression., the use of the vernacular.
  • of
  • linguistic system shared by the members of a community ( contrasted with parole )., noun, dialect , speech , tongue , vernacular
  • , adjective, correct , formal , standard , stilted, chatty , common , conversational , demotic , dialectal , everyday , idiomatic , jive * , popular , street * , vernacular , confabulatory , informal , casual , familiar , ordinary , pain , particular,...
  • , dictionary , glossary , terminology , thesaurus , vocabulary , wordbook , wordlist , word stock , argot , cant , dialect , idiom , jargon , lingo , patois , vernacular , word-hoard , language , onomasticon
  • member of the semitic peoples inhabiting ancient palestine and claiming descent from abraham, isaac, and jacob; an israelite., a semitic language of the afroasiatic family, the language of the ancient hebrews, which, although not in a vernacular use...
  • ., having a distinct style or character, esp. in the arts, adjective, idiomatic french ., idiomatic writing ; an idiomatic composer ., natural , vernacular...
  • . in the style of renaissance or baroque italy., architecture . noting or pertaining to a mid-victorian american style remotely based on romanesque vernacular...
  • a way or manner of speaking; vernacular; idiom, speech, esp. a formal discussion or debate
  • of the language., a rural or provincial form of speech., jargon; cant; argot., noun, argot , cant , jargon , lingo , vernacular , dialect , idiom , lexicon , terminology...

Xem tiếp các từ khác

  • Vernacularism

    a vernacular word or expression., the use of the vernacular.
  • Vernacularize

    to translate into the natural speech peculiar to a people.
  • Vernal

    of or pertaining to spring, appearing or occurring in spring, appropriate to or suggesting spring; springlike, belonging to or characteristic of youth,...
  • Vernalization

    to shorten the growth period of (a plant) by chilling or other special treatment of it, its seeds, or its bulbs.
  • Vernation

    the arrangement of the foliage leaves within the bud.
  • Vernier

    also, vernier scale. a small, movable, graduated scale running parallel to the fixed graduated scale of a sextant, theodolite, barometer, etc., and used...
  • Veronal

    a barbiturate used as a hypnotic[syn: barbital ]
  • Veronica

    the image of the face of christ, said in legend to have been miraculously impressed on the handkerchief or veil that st. veronica gave to him to wipe his...
  • Verruca

    medicine/medical . a wart., zoology . a small, flattish, wartlike prominence.
  • Verrucae

    medicine/medical . a wart., zoology . a small, flattish, wartlike prominence.

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