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Mục lục


a close-fitting, waist-length, sleeveless garment that buttons down the front, designed to be worn under a jacket.
a part or trimming simulating the front of such a garment; vestee. Compare dickey 1 ( def. 1 ) .
a waist-length garment worn for protective purposes
a bulletproof vest.
a sleeveless, waist- or hip-length garment made of various materials, with a front opening usually secured by buttons, a zipper, or the like, worn over a shirt, blouse, dress, or other article for style or warmth
a sweater vest; a down vest.
British . an undervest or undershirt.
a long garment resembling a cassock, worn by men in the time of Charles II.
Archaic .
dress; apparel.
an outer garment, robe, or gown.
an ecclesiastical vestment.

Verb (used with object)

to clothe; dress; robe.
to dress in ecclesiastical vestments
to vest a bishop.
to cover or drape (an altar).
to place or settle (something, esp. property, rights, powers, etc.) in the possession or control of someone (usually fol. by in )
to vest authority in a new official.
to invest or endow (a person, group, committee, etc.) with something, as powers, functions, or rights
to vest the board with power to increase production; to vest an employee with full benefits in the pension plan.

Verb (used without object)

to put on vestments.
to become vested in a person, as a right.
to devolve upon a person as possessor; pass into possession or ownership. ?


play it close to the vest
Informal . to avoid taking unnecessary risks.




belong , bestow , confer , consign , empower , endow , furnish , invest , lodge , pertain , place , put in the hands of , settle , clothe , coat , drape , dress , garment , jacket , jerkin , robe , waistcoat

Tham khảo thêm từ có nội dung liên quan

  • , containing, or spread with butter., resembling butter, as in smoothness or softness of texture, grossly flattering; smarmy., a vest of buttery leather .
  • an article of clothing made to look like the front or collar of a shirt, blouse, vest
  • and preventing drowning., noun, buoy , cork jacket , life belt , lifeline , life net , life preserver , life vest , mae west , swimmies
  • a usually fitted vest or wide, lace-up girdle worn by women over a dress
  • . a weapon, esp. a short stick with a weighted head; blackjack., noun, buoy , cork jacket , life belt , life jacket , lifeline , life net , life vest , mae west ,...
  • men's garments of the same color and fabric, consisting of trousers, a jacket, and sometimes a vest., a similarly matched set consisting of a skirt and jacket, and sometimes...

Xem tiếp các từ khác

  • Well-educated

    highly educated; having extensive information or understanding; "knowing instructors"; "a knowledgeable critic"; "a knowledgeable audience"[syn: knowing...
  • Well-favoured

    of pleasing appearance; good-looking; pretty or handsome.
  • Well-fed

    fat; plump.
  • Well-found

    well-furnished with supplies, necessaries, etc., a well -found ship .
  • Well-founded

    having a foundation in fact; based on good reasons, information, etc., adjective, well -founded suspicions ., based on hard data , based on hard facts...
  • Well-groomed

    having the hair, skin, etc., well cared for; well-dressed, clean, and neat, (of an animal) tended, cleaned, combed, etc., with great care., carefully cared...
  • Well-grounded

    based on good reasons; well-founded, well or thoroughly instructed in the basic principles of a subject, adjective, his opposition to the scheme is well...
  • Well-heeled

    well-off; rich., adjective, comfortable , easy , well-off , well-to-do , affluent , prosperous , rich , wealthy
  • Well-informed

    having extensive knowledge, as in one particular subject or in a variety of subjects.
  • Well-intentioned


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