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Nghe phát âm
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Mục lục

Verb (used with object)

to cause faster or greater activity, development, progress, advancement, etc., in
to accelerate economic growth.
to hasten the occurrence of
to accelerate the fall of a government.
Mechanics . to change the velocity of (a body) or the rate of (motion); cause to undergo acceleration.
to reduce the time required for (a course of study) by intensifying the work, eliminating detail, etc.

Verb (used without object)

to move or go faster; increase in speed.
to progress or develop faster.


decelerate , defer , hinder , impede , postpone , retard , slow down


advance , drive , dust * , expedite , fire up , forward , further , gun * , hammer on , hasten , hurry , impel , lay a patch , lay rubber , make tracks , nail it , open up , peel rubber , precipitate , put on afterburners , put pedal to metal , quicken , railroad * , rev , rev up , roll * , speed up , spur , step on gas , step up , stimulate , tool * , hustle , dispatch , increase , race , rush , speed

Tham khảo thêm từ có nội dung liên quan

  • tending to accelerate; increasing the velocity of.
  • Rev

    a revolution (in an engine or the like)., to accelerate sharply the speed of (an
  • to make active; cause to function or act., physics ., to aerate (sewage) in order to accelerate
  • to make active; cause to function or act., physics ., to aerate (sewage) in order to accelerate
  • to make active; cause to function or act., physics ., to aerate (sewage) in order to accelerate
  • curing or curative; prescribed or helping to heal., growing sound; getting well; mending., the act
  • to defer action; delay, to put off till another day or time; defer; delay., verb, verb, to procrastinate until an opportunity is lost ., accelerate
  • ; further, to raise in rank; promote, to raise in rate or amount; increase, to bring forward in time; accelerate, to supply beforehand; furnish on credit or before...
  • an earlier date, to cause to return to an earlier time, to cause to happen sooner; accelerate, archaic . to take or have in advance; anticipate., a prior date., verb, verb,...
  • to move or act with haste; proceed with haste; hurry, to cause to hasten; accelerate

Xem tiếp các từ khác

  • Accelerating

    to cause faster or greater activity, development, progress, advancement, etc., in, to hasten the occurrence of, mechanics . to change the velocity of (a...
  • Acceleration

    the act of accelerating; increase of speed or velocity., a change in velocity., mechanics . the time rate of change of velocity with respect to magnitude...
  • Accelerative

    tending to accelerate; increasing the velocity of.
  • Accelerator

    a person or thing that accelerates., automotive . a device, usually operated by the foot, for controlling the speed of an engine., british . any two- or...
  • Accent

    prominence of a syllable in terms of differential loudness, or of pitch, or length, or of a combination of these., degree of prominence of a syllable within...
  • Accentor

    any oscine bird of the family prunellidae, of europe and asia, resembling sparrows but having more finely pointed bills, as the hedge sparrow.
  • Accentual

    of or pertaining to accent or stress., prosody . of or pertaining to poetry based on the number of stresses, as distinguished from poetry depending on...
  • Accentuate

    to give emphasis or prominence to., to mark or pronounce with an accent., verb, verb, divert attention from , mask, accent , bring attention to , call...
  • Accentuation

    an act or instance of accentuating., something that is accentuated., noun, accent , stress
  • Accept

    to take or receive (something offered); receive with approval or favor, to agree or consent to; accede to, to respond or answer affirmatively to, to undertake...

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    公事 là gì?
  • 13/08/20 02:16:28
    Cho mình hỏi Economic Validation nghĩa là gì thế
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  • 21/01/21 11:51:26
    Ai giúp mình câu này trong hợp đồng với, mình xin cảm ơn nhiều!
    For the work completed already by Party B, Party A shall pay to Party B all outstanding fees due and owing to Party B for the steps.
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  • 15/01/21 03:00:09
    có bạn mail hỏi nhờ ace giúp với :) :
    "Khôn nhà dại chợ in English
    Nhờ giúp dịch tục ngữ hay thành ngữ trên sang tiếng Anh.
    Xin cám ơn nhiều."
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      1 · 16/01/21 07:05:58
      • Huy Quang
        Trả lời · 16/01/21 10:35:58
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    Chào các bác. Các bác cho em hỏi từ "self-pardon" nghĩa là gì vậy ạ. Em đọc trên CNN mà chưa hiểu từ này.
    "White House counsel and Barr warned Trump not to self-pardon"
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      • thangbq
        Trả lời · 16/01/21 06:21:03
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    Các bác cho em hỏi từ "cleat rail" trong câu này có nghĩa là gì vậy "The maximum load per cleat should not exceed 250 lbs (113 kg), or 500 lbs (227 kg) total per rail, and the angle of the load on each cleat should not exceed 45 degrees above horizontal, or damage to the cleat or cleat rail may occur"
    Em xin cảm ơn!
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      1 · 12/01/21 01:13:41
      • tranduyngoc
        Trả lời · 12/01/21 04:52:50
  • 12/01/21 04:36:30
    cho em hỏi chút chuyên ngành tìm mãi không thấy. Giai thích thuật ngữ safety plane . hóng cao nhân!
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