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prominence of a syllable in terms of differential loudness, or of pitch, or length, or of a combination of these.
degree of prominence of a syllable within a word and sometimes of a word within a phrase
primary accent; secondary accent.
a mark indicating stress (as ( ? , ? ), or (?, ?), or (, )), vowel quality (as French grave `, acute ?, circumflex ^ ), form (as French la the versus l? there), or pitch.
any similar mark.
Prosody .
regularly recurring stress.
a mark indicating stress or some other distinction in pronunciation or value.
a musical tone or pattern of pitch inherent in a particular language either as a feature essential to the identification of a vowel or a syllable or to the general acoustic character of the language. Compare tone ( def. 7 ) .
Often, accents.
the unique speech patterns, inflections, choice of words, etc., that identify a particular individual
We recognized his accents immediately. She corrected me in her usual mild accents.
the distinctive style or tone characteristic of an author, composer, etc.
the unmistakably Brahmsian accents of the sonata; She recognized the familiar accents of Robert Frost in the poem.
a mode of pronunciation, as pitch or tone, emphasis pattern, or intonation, characteristic of or peculiar to the speech of a particular person, group, or locality
French accent; Southern accent. Compare tone def. 5
such a mode of pronunciation recognized as being of foreign origin
He still speaks with an accent.
Music .
a stress or emphasis given to certain notes.
a mark noting this.
stress or emphasis regularly recurring as a feature of rhythm.
Mathematics .
a symbol used to distinguish similar quantities that differ in value, as in b , b , b (called b prime, b second or b double prime, b third or b triple prime, respectively).
a symbol used to indicate a particular unit of measure, as feet () or inches (), minutes () or seconds ().
a symbol used to indicate the order of a derivative of a function in calculus, as f (called f prime ) is the first derivative of a function f.
words or tones expressive of some emotion.
accents, words; language; speech
He spoke in accents bold.
distinctive character or tone
an accent of whining complaint.
special attention, stress, or emphasis
an accent on accuracy.
a detail that is emphasized by contrasting with its surroundings
a room decorated in navy blue with two red vases as accents.
a distinctive but subordinate pattern, motif, color, flavor, or the like
The salad dressing had an accent of garlic.

Verb (used with object)

to pronounce with prominence (a syllable within a word or a word within a phrase)
to accent the first syllable of into; to accent the first word of White House.
to mark with a written accent or accents.
to give emphasis or prominence to; accentuate.


disacknowledge , minimize


significance , stress , weight , accentuation , articulation , beat , cadence , emphasis , enunciation , force , inflection , intonation , meter , modulation , pronunciation , rhythm , stroke , timbre , tonality , tone , brogue , dialect , ictus , intensification , mark , oxytone , pulsation , sound , tempo
accentuate , draw attention to , emphasize , highlight , intensify , stress , underline , underscore , feature , italicize , play up , point up , brogue , burr , cadence , dialect , drawl , emphasis , enhance , ictus , increase , inflection , insist , intonation , intone , mark , pitch , press , pulse , rhythm , sharpen , sound , throb , tonality , tone

Các từ tiếp theo

  • Accentor

    any oscine bird of the family prunellidae, of europe and asia, resembling sparrows but having more finely pointed bills, as the hedge sparrow.
  • Accentual

    of or pertaining to accent or stress., prosody . of or pertaining to poetry based on the number of stresses, as distinguished from poetry depending on...
  • Accentuate

    to give emphasis or prominence to., to mark or pronounce with an accent., verb, verb, divert attention from , mask, accent , bring attention to , call...
  • Accentuation

    an act or instance of accentuating., something that is accentuated., noun, accent , stress
  • Accept

    to take or receive (something offered); receive with approval or favor, to agree or consent to; accede to, to respond or answer affirmatively to, to undertake...
  • Acceptability

    capable or worthy of being accepted., pleasing to the receiver; satisfactory; agreeable; welcome., meeting only minimum requirements; barely adequate,...
  • Acceptable

    capable or worthy of being accepted., pleasing to the receiver; satisfactory; agreeable; welcome., meeting only minimum requirements; barely adequate,...
  • Acceptance

    the act of taking or receiving something offered., favorable reception; approval; favor., the act of assenting or believing, the fact or state of being...
  • Acceptant

    willingly or readily accepting or receiving; receptive., adjective, amenable , open , open-minded , responsive
  • Acceptation

    the usual or accepted meaning of a word, phrase, etc., favorable regard; approval., belief; acceptance as true or valid., noun, connotation , denotation...

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