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Mục lục


a token; indication.
any object, action, event, pattern, etc., that conveys a meaning.
a conventional or arbitrary mark, figure, or symbol used as an abbreviation for the word or words it represents.
a motion or gesture used to express or convey an idea, command, decision, etc.
Her nod was a sign that it was time to leave.
a notice, bearing a name, direction, warning, or advertisement, that is displayed or posted for public view
a traffic sign; a store sign.
a trace; vestige
There wasn't a sign of them.
an arbitrary or conventional symbol used in musical notation to indicate tonality, tempo, etc.
Medicine/Medical . the objective indications of a disease.
any meaningful gestural unit belonging to a sign language.
an omen; portent
a sign of approaching decadence.
sign of the zodiac.
sign language ( def. 1 ) .
Usually, signs. traces, as footprints, of a wild animal.
Mathematics .
a plus sign or minus sign used as a symbol for indicating addition or subtraction.
a plus sign or minus sign used as a symbol for indicating the positive or negative value of a quantity, as an integer.
multiplication sign.
division sign.
a symbol, as or !, used to indicate a radical or factorial operation.

Verb (used with object)

to affix a signature to
to sign a letter.
to write as a signature
to sign one's name.
to engage by written agreement
to sign a new player.
to mark with a sign, esp. the sign of the cross.
to communicate by means of a sign; signal
He signed his wish to leave.
to convey (a message) in a sign language.
Obsolete . to direct or appoint by a sign.

Verb (used without object)

to write one's signature, as a token of agreement, obligation, receipt, etc.
to sign for a package.
to make a sign or signal
He signed to her to go away.
to employ a sign language for communication.
to obligate oneself by signature
He signed with another team for the next season.

Verb phrases

sign away or over, to assign or dispose of by affixing one's signature to a document
She signed over her fortune to the church.
sign in (or out ) to record or authorize one's arrival (or departure) by signing a register.
sign off,
to withdraw, as from some responsibility or connection.
to cease radio or television broadcasting, esp. at the end of the day.
Informal . to become silent
He had exhausted conversation topics and signed off.
to indicate one's approval explicitly if not formally
The president is expected to sign off on the new agreement.
sign on,
to employ; hire.
to bind oneself to work, as by signing a contract
He signed on as a pitcher with a major-league team.
to start radio or television broadcasting, esp. at the beginning of the day.
Computers . log 1 (def. 17a).
sign up, to enlist, as in an organization or group; to register or subscribe
to sign up for the navy; to sign up for class.



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  • 06/08/20 01:16:41
    Mọi người cho e hỏi câu này sao không dùng us mà lại dùng "we" ạ
    Mary was surprised to realize that it was "we", her old school friends, calling her from Paris.
    PS: Thầy sửa nhưng e không nhớ tại sao lại dùng như vậy, cảm ơn mn
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      2 · 06/08/20 01:44:23
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  • 05/08/20 03:46:51
    Mọi người cho hỏi từ " sputtered" trong đoạn sau nghĩa là gì, nếu dịch được cả đoạn giúp mình thì tốt quá, tks cả nhà:
    "These LMD filter systems are from the ET series, are sputtered, and feature impressively steep edges of the excitation and emission spectrum."
    P/S: cái này nó nói đến hệ thống lọc LMD để dùng trong hệ thống tia Laser
  • 06/08/20 08:46:45
    A naked woman got into a taxi.
    The taxi driver looked her up and down.
    Naked woman: That’s rude, have you never seen a naked woman before?
    Taxi driver: I sure have.
    Naked woman: Then why are you looking me up and down for so long? Let’s go!
    Taxi driver: To see if you have any money on you, without the money I am not moving!
  • 04/08/20 06:52:52
    Em có một đoạn văn. Nhưng không chắc nghĩa nó có phải là như thế này ko:
    "The lords are in charge of fortifications now, and all they have to go on is the say-so of other engineers"
    Tạm dịch:
    "Các lãnh chủa sẽ đánh thuế lên các tòa thành ngay, và tất cả những gì họ phải tiếp tục là thương lượng với các kỹ sư khác"
    Mọi người có thời gian giúp em với ạ. Em cảm ơn nhiều!
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    Cả nhà giúp mình dịch câu sau với, nhiều từ chuyên ngành quá nên không hiểu nổi. Nó là máy cuốn đồng là. Cảm ơn cả nhà.
    ABC double-layer digital foil winding machine is a special production equipment for winding transformer foil low voltage coil.
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    mọi người cho em hỏi câu này nghĩa là gì với ạ: an amuse bouche between the meaty stuff of structural reform and vaccines.
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    Mn cho mk hỏi round trong câu này có nghĩ là gì ạ:
    so I'll be round at about 7.00, If that's alright.