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anything that serves to indicate, warn, direct, command, or the like, as a light, a gesture, an act, etc.
a traffic signal; a signal to leave.
anything agreed upon or understood as the occasion for concerted action.
an act, event, or the like that causes or incites some action
The unjust execution was the signal for revolt.
a token; indication.
Electronics . an electrical quantity or effect, as current, voltage, or electromagnetic waves, that can be varied in such a way as to convey information.
Cards . a play that reveals to one's partner a wish that he or she continue or discontinue the suit led.


serving as a signal; used in signaling
a signal flag.
unusual; notable; outstanding
a signal exploit.

Verb (used with object)

to make a signal to.
to communicate or make known by a signal.

Verb (used without object)

to make communication by a signal or signals.


insignificant , unexceptional , unimpressive , unnoteworthy


arresting , arrestive , characteristic , conspicuous , distinctive , distinguished , eminent , exceptional , eye-catching , famous , illustrious , individual , marked , memorable , momentous , notable , noteworthy , noticeable , peculiar , prominent , pronounced , remarkable , renowned , salient , significant , striking , bold , observable , outstanding , pointed
alarm , alert , beacon , bleep , blinker , cue , flag , flare , gesture , go-ahead * , green light * , high sign * , indicator , mark , mayday , movement , nod , okay * , omen , sign , sos , tocsin , token , wink , gesticulation , indication , motion
beckon , communicate , flag , flash , gesticulate , gesture , motion , nod , semaphore , sign , signalize , warn , wave , wink , alarm , arrow , blinker , buzzer , command , cress , cue , extraordinary , flare , horn , image , impulse , indicator , lantern , memorable , message , notable , noticeable , notify , outstanding , password , presage , prominent , remarkable , signify , siren , sound , tocsin , toot , warning , whistle

Tham khảo thêm từ có nội dung liên quan

  • a railway signal tower.
  • a buoy that emits a radio signal on receiving an underwater signal from a vessel.
  • a signal that warns that a fire has started., a bell, buzzer, siren, horn, etc., that provides such a signal., noun, danger signal
  • a signal, as of a drum or bugle, sounded early in the morning to awaken military personnel and to alert them for assembly., a signal to arise.
  • a signal, esp. of alarm, sounded on a bell or bells., a bell used to sound an alarm., noun, alarum , alert , warning , alarm , bell , horn , sign , signal , siren
  • the signal that an air raid or other danger is over.
  • a steady bright blue light; formerly used as a signal but now a firework
  • a signal by drum or trumpet inviting an enemy to a parley.
  • to act as a guide or model., to signal, or motion as if signaling.
  • the act of gesticulating., an animated or excited gesture., noun, indication , motion , sign , signal

Các từ tiếp theo

  • Signal box

    a railway signal tower.
  • Signal man

    a person whose occupation or duty is signaling, as on a railroad or in the army.
  • Signalise

    to make notable or conspicuous., to point out or indicate particularly., to equip (a particular traffic crossing or an entire transportation route) with...
  • Signalize

    to make notable or conspicuous., to point out or indicate particularly., to equip (a particular traffic crossing or an entire transportation route) with...
  • Signaller

    anything that serves to indicate, warn, direct, command, or the like, as a light, a gesture, an act, etc., anything agreed upon or understood as the occasion...
  • Signally

    conspicuously; notably.
  • Signatory

    having signed, or joined in signing, a document, a signer, or one of the signers, of a document, the signatory powers to a treaty ., france and holland...
  • Signature

    a person's name, or a mark representing it, as signed personally or by deputy, as in subscribing a letter or other document., the act of signing a document.,...
  • Signature tune

    theme song ( def. 2 ) .
  • Signboard

    a board bearing a sign.

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    "It is not allowed to join several unit loads together with any fixation method. A unit load shall
    always be handled as a separate unit and never joining together two-by-two. This is valid for both
    horizontal and vertical joining for unit loads. This requirement is also applicable for filling solutions,
    except for load safety reasons.
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    A drive to "life" - humans who are ruled by "Eros"
    A drive to "death" - humans who are rules by "Thanatos"
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    Every move must have a purpose
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