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Mục lục


a newly enlisted or drafted member of the armed forces.
a new member of a group, organization, or the like.
a fresh supply of something.

Verb (used with object)

to enlist (a person) for service in one of the armed forces.
to raise (a force) by enlistment.
to strengthen or supply (an armed force) with new members.
to furnish or replenish with a fresh supply; renew.
to renew or restore (the health, strength, etc.).
to attempt to acquire the services of (a person) for an employer
She recruits executives for all the top companies.
to attempt to enroll or enlist (a member, affiliate, student, or the like)
a campaign to recruit new club members.
to seek to enroll (an athlete) at a school or college, often with an offer of an athletic scholarship.

Verb (used without object)

to enlist persons for service in one of the armed forces.
to engage in finding and attracting employees, new members, students, athletes, etc.
to recover health, strength, etc.
to gain new supplies of anything lost or wasted.


apprentice , beginner , convert , draftee , enlisted person , fledgling , gi * , greenhorn * , helper , initiate , learner , neophyte , newcomer , new person , novice , novitiate , plebe , proselyte , rookie , sailor , selectee , serviceperson , soldier , tenderfoot * , trainee , volunteer
augment , better , build up , call to arms , call up , deliver , draft , engage , enlist , enroll , fill up , find human resources , gain , impress , improve , induct , levy , mobilize , muster , obtain , procure , proselytize , raise , reanimate , recoup , recover , recuperate , refresh , regain , reinforce , renew , repair , replenish , repossess , restore , retrieve , revive , round up , select , sign on , sign up , store up , strengthen , supply , take in , take on , win over , assemble , beginner , draftee , inductee , neophyte , newcomer , novice , rookie , soldier , tyro , volunteer

Tham khảo thêm từ có nội dung liên quan

  • to convert or attempt to convert as a proselyte; recruit.
  • a camp for training recruits., noun, military training , recruit training facility
  • a person who has changed from one opinion, religious belief, sect, or the like, to another; convert., proselytize., noun, conscript , convert , neophyte , recruit
  • to draft for military or naval service., to compel into service., a recruit obtained by
  • to convert or attempt to convert as a proselyte; recruit., verb, accept , adopt , advocate , alter
  • back , catch up , compensate , get back , make good , obtain again , offset , reacquire , recapture , reclaim , recoup , recruit , redeem , rediscover...
  • a person whose business it is to recognize and recruit persons of marked aptitude for
  • beginner in learning anything; novice., noun, abecedarian , amateur , apprentice , buckwheater , cadet , colt * , greenhorn , learner
  • an athlete playing his or her first season as a member of a professional sports team, a raw recruit

Xem tiếp các từ khác

  • Recruitment

    the act or process of recruiting., physiology . an increase in the response to a stimulus owing to the activation of additional receptors, resulting from...
  • Recta

    a pl. of rectum.
  • Rectal

    of, pertaining to, or for the rectum.
  • Rectangle

    a parallelogram having four right angles., noun, figure , oblong , parallelogram , plane , square
  • Rectangular

    shaped like a rectangle., having the base or section in the form of a rectangle, having one or more right angles., forming a right angle., a rectangular...
  • Rectifiable

    able to be rectified., mathematics . of or pertaining to a curve or arc that has finite length.
  • Rectification

    the act of rectifying, or the fact of being rectified., astrology . the method by which the known times of major events in one's life are used to determine...
  • Rectifier

    a person or thing that rectifies., electricity . an apparatus in which current flows more readily in one direction than the other, for changing an alternating...
  • Rectify

    to make, put, or set right; remedy; correct, to put right by adjustment or calculation, as an instrument or a course at sea., chemistry . to purify (esp....
  • Rectilineal

    forming a straight line., formed by straight lines., characterized by straight lines., moving in a straight line.

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