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Stop over

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Mục lục

Verb (used with object)

to cease from, leave off, or discontinue
to stop running.
to cause to cease; put an end to
to stop noise in the street.
to interrupt, arrest, or check (a course, proceeding, process, etc.)
Stop your work just a minute.
to cut off, intercept, or withhold
to stop supplies.
to restrain, hinder, or prevent (usually fol. by from )
I couldn't stop him from going.
to prevent from proceeding, acting, operating, continuing, etc.
to stop a speaker; to stop a car.
to block, obstruct, or close (a passageway, channel, opening, duct, etc.) (usually fol. by up )
He stopped up the sink with a paper towel. He stopped the hole in the tire with a patch.
to fill the hole or holes in (a wall, a decayed tooth, etc.).
to close (a container, tube, etc.) with a cork, plug, bung, or the like.
to close the external orifice of (the ears, nose, mouth, etc.).
Sports .
to check (a stroke, blow, etc.); parry; ward off.
to defeat (an opposing player or team)
The Browns stopped the Colts.
Boxing . to defeat by a knockout or technical knockout
Louis stopped Conn in the 13th round.
Banking . to notify a bank to refuse payment of (a check) upon presentation.
Bridge . to have an honor card and a sufficient number of protecting cards to keep an opponent from continuing to win in (a suit).
Music .
to close (a fingerhole) in order to produce a particular note from a wind instrument.
to press down (a string of a violin, viola, etc.) in order to alter the pitch of the tone produced from it.
to produce (a particular note) by so doing.

Verb (used without object)

to come to a stand, as in a course or journey; halt.
to cease moving, proceeding, speaking, acting, operating, etc.; to pause; desist.
to cease; come to an end.
to halt for a brief visit (often fol. by at, in, or by )
He is stopping at the best hotel in town.
stop by, to make a brief visit on one's way elsewhere
I'll stop by on my way home.


the act of stopping.
a cessation or arrest of movement, action, operation, etc.; end
The noise came to a stop. Put a stop to that behavior!
a stay or sojourn made at a place, as in the course of a journey
Above all, he enjoyed his stop in Trieste.
a place where trains or other vehicles halt to take on and discharge passengers
Is this a bus stop?
a closing or filling up, as of a hole.
a blocking or obstructing, as of a passage or channel.
a plug or other stopper for an opening.
an obstacle, impediment, or hindrance.
any piece or device that serves to check or control movement or action in a mechanism.
Architecture . a feature terminating a molding or chamfer.
Commerce .
an order to refuse payment of a check.
stop order.
Music .
the act of closing a fingerhole or pressing a string of an instrument in order to produce a particular note.
a device or contrivance, as on an instrument, for accomplishing this.
(in an organ) a graduated set of pipes of the same kind and giving tones of the same quality.
Also called stop knob. a knob or handle that is drawn out or pushed back to permit or prevent the sounding of such a set of pipes or to control some other part of the organ.
(in a reed organ) a group of reeds functioning like a pipe-organ stop.
Sports . an individual defensive play or act that prevents an opponent or opposing team from scoring, advancing, or gaining an advantage, as a catch in baseball, a tackle in football, or the deflection of a shot in hockey.
Nautical . a piece of small line used to lash or fasten something, as a furled sail.
Phonetics .
an articulation that interrupts the flow of air from the lungs.
a consonant sound characterized by stop articulation, as p, b, t, d, k, and g. Compare continuant .
Photography . the diaphragm opening of a lens, esp. as indicated by an f- number.
Building Trades .
stop bead.
doorstop ( def. 2 ) .
any of various marks used as punctuation at the end of a sentence, esp. a period.
the word stop printed in the body of a telegram or cablegram to indicate a period.
stops, ( used with a singular verb ) a family of card games whose object is to play all of one's cards in a predetermined sequence before one's opponents.
Zoology . a depression in the face of certain animals, esp. dogs, marking the division between the forehead and the projecting part of the muzzle. ?

Verb phrases

stop down, Photography . (on a camera) to reduce (the diaphragm opening of a lens).
stop in, to make a brief, incidental visit
If you're in town, be sure to stop in.
stop off, to halt for a brief stay at some point on the way elsewhere
On the way to Rome we stopped off at Florence.
stop out,
to mask (certain areas of an etching plate, photographic negative, etc.) with varnish, paper, or the like, to prevent their being etched, printed, etc.
to withdraw temporarily from school
Most of the students who stop out eventually return to get their degrees.
stop over, to stop briefly in the course of a journey
Many motorists were forced to stop over in that town because of floods.


pull out all the stops
to use every means available.
to express, do, or carry out something without reservation.

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