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an assemblage of persons or things; company; band.
a great number or multitude
A whole troop of children swarmed through the museum.
Military . an armored cavalry or cavalry unit consisting of two or more platoons and a headquarters group.
troops, a body of soldiers, police, etc.
Mounted troops quelled the riot.
a unit of Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts usually having a maximum of 32 members under the guidance of an adult leader.
a herd, flock, or swarm.
Archaic . a band or troupe of actors.

Verb (used without object)

to gather in a company; flock together.
to come, go, or pass in great numbers; throng.
to walk, as if in a march; go
to troop down to breakfast.
to walk, march, or pass in rank or order
The students trooped into the auditorium.
to associate or consort (usually fol. by with ).

Verb (used with object)

British Military . to carry (the flag or colors) in a ceremonial way before troops.
Obsolete . to assemble or form into a troop or troops.


armed forces , army , assemblage , assembly , band , body , bunch , collection , combatants , company , contingent , corps , crew , crowd , delegation , drove , fighting men , flock , forces , gang , gathering , herd , horde , host , legion , men , military , multitude , number , outfit , pack , party , servicemen , soldiers , soldiery , squad , swarm , team , throng , troopers , troops , troupe , unitnotes:troop is from latin troppus \'flock\' and is a group of people or animals; troupe is a company of actors or performers , conclave , conference , congregation , congress , convention , convocation , group , meeting , muster , array , battery , cavalry , detachment , garrison , infantry , march , picket , reinforcements , unit , vanguard
flood , swarm , throng , consort , fraternize , hang around , hobnob , run

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  • company of persons or, sometimes, animals or things, joined, acting, or functioning together; aggregation; party; troop, music ., a division of a nomadic tribe; a group of individuals who move and camp together and subsist by hunting and gathering.,...
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  • the flag of a country, army, troop, etc., an ensign or the like bearing some
  • (esp. formerly) a european cavalryman of a heavily armed troop., a member of a military
  • a large group, multitude, number, etc.; a mass or crowd, a tribe or troop of

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