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Frank, born 1947, U.S. marathon runner.
Wayne, born 1933, U.S. jazz saxophonist and composer.


having little length; not long.
having little height; not tall
a short man.
extending or reaching only a little way
a short path.
brief in duration; not extensive in time
a short wait.
brief or concise, as writing.
rudely brief; abrupt; hurting
short behavior.
low in amount; scanty
short rations.
not reaching a point, mark, target, or the like; not long enough or far enough.
below the standard in extent, quantity, duration, etc.
short measure.
having a scanty or insufficient amount of (often fol. by in or on )
He was short in experience.
being below a necessary or desired level; lacking
The office is short due to winter colds and flu.
Cookery .
(of pastry and the like) crisp and flaky; breaking or crumbling readily from being made with a large proportion of butter or other shortening.
(of dough) containing a relatively large amount of shortening.
(of metals) deficient in tenacity; friable; brittle.
(of the head or skull) of less than ordinary length from front to back.
Stock Exchange .
not possessing at the time of sale commodities or stocks that one sells.
noting or pertaining to a sale of commodities or stocks that the seller does not possess, depending for profit on a decline in prices.
Phonetics .
lasting a relatively short time
Bit has a shorter vowel-sound than bid or bead.
belonging to a class of sounds considered as usually shorter in duration than another class, as the vowel of but as compared to that of bought, and in many languages serving as a distinctive feature of phonemes, as the a in German Bann in contrast with the ah in Bahn, or the t in Italian fato in contrast with the tt in fatto ( opposed to long ).
having the sound of the English vowels in bat, bet, bit, hot, but, and put, historically descended from vowels that were short in duration.
Prosody .
(of a syllable in quantitative verse) lasting a relatively shorter time than a long syllable.
(of an alcoholic drink) small
a short drink.
Chiefly British . (of whiskey) undiluted; straight.
Ceramics . (of clay) not plastic enough to be modeled.
Ropemaking . hard ( def. 39 ) .


abruptly or suddenly
to stop short.
briefly; curtly.
on the near side of an intended or particular point
The arrow landed short.
Baseball .
with the hands higher on the handle of the bat than usual
He held the bat short and flied out.
in a fielding position closer to home plate than usual.


something that is short.
that which is deficient or lacking.
the sum and substance of a matter; gist (usually prec. by the ).
trousers, knee-length or shorter.
short pants worn by men as an undergarment.
knee breeches, formerly worn by men.
Finance . short-term bonds.
Mining . crushed ore failing to pass through a given screen, thus being of a larger given size than a specific grade. Compare fine ( def. 29a ) .
remnants, discards, or refuse of various cutting and manufacturing processes.
a size of garment for men who are shorter than average
He wears a 42 short.
a garment, as a suit or overcoat, in such a size.
Military . a shot that strikes or bursts short of the target.
Electricity . short circuit.
Prosody . a short sound or syllable.
Baseball . shortstop ( def. 1 ) .
Movies . short subject.
Finance . short seller.
a deficiency or the amount of a deficiency.
Chiefly British . a small drink of straight whiskey; shot.

Verb (used with object)

to cause a short circuit in.
to cheat by giving less than is expected or deserved; shortchange.

Verb (used without object)

to short-circuit. ?


come or fall short
to fail to reach a particular standard.
to prove insufficient; be lacking
Her funds fell short, and she had to wire home for help.
cut short
to end abruptly; terminate
Her nap was cut short by a loud noise from outside.
for short
by way of abbreviation
Her name is Patricia, and she's called Pat for short.
in short
in summary.
in few words; in brief
In short, this has been rather a disappointing day.
make short work of. work ( def. 52 ) .
run short
to be in insufficient supply
My patience is running short.
sell short
Stock Exchange . to sell stocks or the like without having them in one's actual possession at the time of the sale.
to disparage or underestimate
Don't sell Tom short; he's really an excellent engineer.
short and sweet
pleasantly brief.
We're in a hurry, so make it short and sweet.
short for
being a shorter form of; abbreviated to
Phone is short for telephone.
short of
less than; inferior to.
inadequately supplied with (money, food, etc.).
without going to the length of; failing of; excluding
Short of murder, there is nothing he wouldn't have tried to get what he wanted.

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