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anything abominable; anything greatly disliked or abhorred.
intense aversion or loathing; detestation
He regarded lying with abomination.
a vile, shameful, or detestable action, condition, habit, etc.
Spitting in public is an abomination.


beauty , blessing , delight , enjoyment , esteem , joy , love , treat , benefit , right


anathema , aversion , bother , curse , detestation , evil , horror , nuisance , plague , shame , torment , crime , offense , wrong , abhorrence , antipathy , hatred , loathing , repellence , repellency , repugnance , repugnancy , repulsion , revulsion , bte noire , bugbear , execration , disgrace , disgust , infamy , odiousness , outrage

Các từ tiếp theo

  • Aboriginal

    of, pertaining to, or typical of aborigines, original or earliest known; native; indigenous, aborigine ( def. 1 ) ., ( initial capital letter ) aborigine...
  • Aborigines

    one of the original or earliest known inhabitants of a country or region., ( initial capital letter ) also, aboriginal. also called australian aborigine....
  • Abort

    to bring forth a fetus from the uterus before the fetus is viable; miscarry., to develop incompletely; remain in a rudimentary or undeveloped state., to...
  • Aborted

    (biol.) rendered abortive or sterile; undeveloped; checked in normal development at a very early stage; as, spines are aborted branches.
  • Aborticide

    destruction of a fetus in the uterus; feticide., a drug or other agent that causes abortion.
  • Abortifacient

    causing abortion., a drug or device used to cause abortion, a biochemical abortifacient in pill form .
  • Abortion

    also called voluntary abortion. the removal of an embryo or fetus from the uterus in order to end a pregnancy., any of various surgical methods for terminating...
  • Abortionist

    a person who performs or induces abortions, esp. illegally., a person who favors or advocates abortion as a right or choice that all women should have,...
  • Abortive

    failing to succeed; unsuccessful, born prematurely., imperfectly developed; rudimentary., medicine/medical ., pathology . (of the course of a disease)...
  • Abortiveness

    failing to succeed; unsuccessful, born prematurely., imperfectly developed; rudimentary., medicine/medical ., pathology . (of the course of a disease)...
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    xin chào, em tra từ " admire " nhưng dường như vẫn sót 1 nghĩa của từ này là "chiêm ngưỡng".
    We stood for a few moments, admiring the view.
    Chúng tôi đứng lại vài phút, chiêm ngưỡng quang cảnh.
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    Cả nhà ơi mình dịch các từ Condiments, Herbs, Spices & Seasonings như thế nào cho sát nghĩa ạ. Cảm ơn cả nhà!
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    Từ điển quá đầy đủ nhưng mà lại không có bản mobile app hơi tiếc nhỉ? Không biết các admin có dự định làm mobile app không ạ?
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    Gút mó ninh Rừng :P
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  • 20/06/22 11:12:34
    Nhờ cả nhà dịch giúp đoạn này với ạ.
    Sudden hearing loss (SHL) is a frightening symptom that
    often prompts an urgent or emergent visit to a clinician.
    This guideline update focuses on sudden sensorineural hear-ing loss (SSNHL), the majority of which is idiopathic and
    which, if not recognized and managed promptly, may result
    in persistent hearing loss and tinnitus and reduced patient
    quality of life.
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