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anything done or to be done; anything requiring action or effort; business; concern
an affair of great importance.
affairs, matters of commercial or public interest or concern; the transactions of public or private business or finance
affairs of state; Before taking such a long trip you should put all your affairs in order.
an event or a performance; a particular action, operation, or proceeding
When did this affair happen?
thing; matter (applied to anything made or existing, usually with a descriptive or qualifying term)
Our new computer is an amazing affair.
a private or personal concern; a special function, business, or duty
That's none of your affair.
an intense amorous relationship, usually of short duration.
an event or happening that occasions or arouses notoriety, dispute, and often public scandal; incident
the Congressional bribery affair.
a party, social gathering, or other organized festive occasion
The awards ceremony is the biggest affair on the school calendar.


assignment , avocation , calling , case , circumstance , concern , duty , employment , episode , event , hap , happening , incident , interest , job , mission , obligation , occupation , occurrence , office function , proceeding , profession , project , province , pursuit , question , realm , responsibility , subject , task , thing * , topic , transaction , undertaking , affaire , amour , carrying on , extracurricular activity * , fling , goings-on , hanky-panky * , intimacy , intrigue , liaison , love , playing around , relationship , rendezvous , romance , thing together , two-timing , do , entertainment , function , gathering , reception , shindig , soiree , business , thing , celebration , festivity , fete , gala , occasion , lookout , love affair , action , activity , endeavor , engagement , issue , party

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  • a love affair., an illicit or secret love affair., noun, noun, dislike , hate , hatred, affair , entanglement , liaison , love , love affair , passion , relationship , romance
  • romantic relationship or episode between lovers; an amour., an active enthusiasm for something, noun, my love affair with sailing ., adultery , affair , affair of the heart , affaire de coeur , amour , courtship , dalliance , devotion , entanglement...
  • connection, association, or involvement., connection between persons by blood or marriage., an emotional or other connection between people, a sexual involvement; affair
  • act of entangling., the state of being entangled., something that entangles; snare; involvement; complication., noun, noun, disentanglement , simplicity, affair , association , cobweb , complexity , confusion , difficulty , embarrassment , embroilment...
  • informal
  • an evening party or social gathering, esp. one held for a particular purpose, noun, a musical soiree ., affair , celebration , festivity , fete , function , gala , occasion
  • something trivial; a trivial matter, affair
  • something trivial; a trivial matter, affair
  • voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and someone other than his or her lawful spouse., noun, noun, faithfulness, affair
  • an appointment for a meeting, esp. a lover's secret rendezvous., the act of assigning; assignment., noun, affair

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