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Verb (used with object)

to direct for information or anything required
He referred me to books on astrology.
to direct the attention or thoughts of
The asterisk refers the reader to a footnote.
to hand over or submit for information, consideration, decision, etc.
to refer the argument to arbitration.
to assign to a class, period, etc.; regard as belonging or related.
to have relation; relate; apply.

Verb (used without object)

to direct attention, as a reference mark does.
to have recourse or resort; turn, as for aid or information
to refer to one's notes.
to make reference or allusion
The author referred to his teachers twice in his article.


hold back


accredit , adduce , advert , allude , ascribe , assign , associate , attribute , bring up , charge , cite , credit , designate , direct attention , excerpt , exemplify , extract , give as example , glance , hint , impute , indicate , insert , instance , interpolate , introduce , invoke , lay , make allusion , make mention of , make reference , name , notice , point , point out , put down to , quote , speak about , speak of , specify , touch onnotes:allude is \'mention indirectly , hint at\' and refer is \'mention directly\' , commit , consign , deliver , hand in , hand over , pass on , put in touch , recommend , relegate , send , submit , transfer , turn overnotes:allude is \'mention indirectly , answer , appertain , be about , be a matter of , bear upon , be directed to , belong , be relevant , connect , correspond with , cover , deal with , encompass , have a bearing on , have reference , have relation , have to do with , hold , include , incorporate , involve , pertain , regard , relate , take in , touchnotes:allude is \'mention indirectly , advise , apply , commune , confer , consult , go , have recourse , look up , recur , repair , resort , run , turn , turn tonotes:allude is \'mention indirectly , turn over , mention , touch , bear on , concern , appeal , direct , guide , identify

Tham khảo thêm từ có nội dung liên quan

  • to commit again., to refer again to a committee.
  • to commit again., to refer again to a committee.
  • to commit again., to refer again to a committee.
  • to provide with cross references, cross-refer., the new encyclopedia is completely cross -referenced.
  • to refer
  • here and there, used to refer to cited works, used in bibliographic references to indicate that the writer has drawn upon material scattered throughout the source cited .
  • , imputed costs refer to the cost of an asset, service, or company that is not physically recorded in any accounts but is implicit in the product.
  • verb
  • to seek advice or information from; ask guidance from, to refer to for information, to
  • that precedes; previous, adjective, adjective, refer

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