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Tear down

Nghe phát âm
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Mục lục

Verb (used with object)

to pull apart or in pieces by force, esp. so as to leave ragged or irregular edges.
to pull or snatch violently; wrench away with force
to tear wrappings from a package; to tear a book from someone's hands.
to distress greatly
anguish that tears the heart.
to divide or disrupt
a country torn by civil war.
to wound or injure by or as if by rending; lacerate.
to produce or effect by rending
to tear a hole in one's coat.
to remove by force or effort
to be unable to tear oneself from a place.

Verb (used without object)

to become torn.
to make a tear or rent.
to move or behave with force, violent haste, or energy
The wind tore through the trees; cars tearing up and down the highway; I was tearing around all afternoon trying to find sandals for the beach.


the act of tearing.
a rent or fissure.
a rage or passion; violent flurry or outburst.
Informal . a spree. ?

Verb phrases

tear at,
to pluck violently at; attempt to tear
She tore at the bandages until they loosened.
to distress; afflict
remorse that tears at one's soul.
tear down,
to pull down; destroy; demolish.
to disparage or discredit
to tear down one's friends behind their backs.
tear into, Informal .
to attack impulsively and heedlessly
He tore into the food with a will.
to attack verbally
She tore into him for being late for dinner.
tear off, Slang . to perform or do, esp. rapidly or casually
to tear off a poem; to tear off a set of tennis.
tear up,
to tear into small shreds
He tore up the drawings because she had criticized them.
to cancel or annul
to tear up a contract.


tear it
Slang . to ruin all hope; spoil everything.
tear one's hair, to tug at one's hair, as with anger or sorrow. Also
tear one's hair out.


annihilate , bulldoze , crush , decimate , devastate , devour , dilapidate , disassemble , dismantle , flatten , knock down , level , obliterate , pulverize , ruin , smash , take apart , total * , trash * , wipe off the map , wreck , tear

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    full of tears; weeping., causing tears, adjective, adjective, the tearful story of his poverty ., cheerful , happy, bawling , blubbering , blubbery , distressed...
  • Tearing

    shedding tears.
  • Tearless

    not weeping or shedding tears., unable to shed tears.
  • Teary

    of or like tears., tearful., adjective, lachrymose , weeping , weepy
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