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Verb (used without object)

to give out or cause a rapid succession of short, sharp sounds, as in consequence of agitation and repeated concussions
The windows rattled in their frames.
to move or go, esp. rapidly, with such sounds
The car rattled along the highway.
to talk rapidly; chatter
He rattled on for an hour about his ailments.

Verb (used with object)

to cause to rattle
He rattled the doorknob violently.
to drive, send, bring, etc., esp. rapidly, with rattling sounds
The wind rattled the metal can across the roadway.
to utter or perform in a rapid or lively manner
to rattle off a list of complaints.
to disconcert or confuse (a person)
A sudden noise rattled the speaker.
Hunting . to stir up (a cover).


a rapid succession of short, sharp sounds, as from the collision of hard bodies.
an instrument contrived to make a rattling sound, esp. a baby's toy filled with small pellets that rattle when shaken.
the series of horny, interlocking elements at the end of the tail of a rattlesnake, with which it produces a rattling sound.
a rattling sound in the throat, as the death rattle.


appease , placate , soothe


bicker , bounce , clack , clatter , drum , jangle , jar , jolt , jounce , knock , shake , shatter , sound , vibrate , babble , cackle , chat , chatter , gab , gabble , gush , jabber , jaw , list , prate , prattle , reel off , run on , run through , yak , abash , addle , bewilder , bother , confound , confuse , discombobulate , discomfit , discompose , discountenance , distract , disturb , embarrass , faze , flummox , frighten , get to * , muddle , nonplus , perplex , perturb , psych out , put off , put out , put out of countenance , rattle one’s cage , scare , throw , unnerve , brattle , blabber , chitchat , palaver , disquiet , flurry , fluster , rock , ruffle , toss , unsettle , upset , agitate , annoy , clapper , creak , crepitate , disconcert , jiggle , noise , rale , stun , toy

Các từ tiếp theo

  • Rattle box

    any of various plants of the genus crotalaria having inflated pods within which the seeds rattle; used for pasture and green-manure crops[syn: crotalaria...
  • Rattle brain

    a giddy, empty-headed, talkative person.
  • Rattle brained

    foolish; flighty; scatterbrained.
  • Rattler

    a rattlesnake., a person or thing that rattles., informal . a fast freight train.
  • Raucous

    adjective, adjective, calm , quiet , soft , subdued, absonant , acute , atonal , blaring , blatant , braying , brusque , cacophonous , discordant , dissonant...
  • Ravage

    to work havoc upon; damage or mar by ravages, to work havoc; do ruinous damage., havoc; ruinous damage, devastating or destructive action., verb, verb,...
  • Rave

    to talk wildly, as in delirium., to talk or write with extravagant enthusiasm, (of wind, water, storms, etc.) to make a wild or furious sound; rage., to...
  • Ravel

    to disentangle or unravel the threads or fibers of (a woven or knitted fabric, rope, etc.)., to tangle or entangle., to involve; confuse; perplex., to...
  • Ravelin

    a v -shaped outwork outside the main ditch and covering the works between two bastions.
  • Raveling

    something raveled out, as a thread drawn or separated from a knitted or woven fabric.
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    18. This is the woman ________ the artist said posed as a model for the painting.
    A. who
    B. whom
    C. whose
    D. which
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    1 my uncle went out of the house.............ago
    A an hour's half
    B a half of hour
    C half an hour
    D a half hour
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