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a number of individuals assembled or associated together; group of people.
a guest or guests
We're having company for dinner.
an assemblage of persons for social purposes.
companionship; fellowship; association
I always enjoy her company.
one's usual companions
I don't like the company he keeps.
society collectively.
a number of persons united or incorporated for joint action, esp. for business
a publishing company; a dance company.
( initial capital letter ) the members of a firm not specifically named in the firm's title
George Higgins and Company.
Military .
the smallest body of troops, consisting of a headquarters and two or three platoons.
any relatively small group of soldiers.
Army . a basic unit with both tactical and administrative functions.
a unit of firefighters, including their special apparatus
a hook-and-ladder company.
Also called ship's company. a ship's crew, including the officers.
a medieval trade guild.
the Company, Informal . a nation's major intelligence-gathering and espionage organization, as the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.

Verb (used without object)

Archaic . to associate.

Verb (used with object)

Archaic . to accompany. ?


keep company
to associate with; be a friend of.
Informal . to go together, as in courtship
My sister has been keeping company with a young lawyer.
part company
to cease association or friendship with
We parted company 20 years ago after the argument.
to take a different or opposite view; differ
He parted company with his father on politics.
to separate
We parted company at the airport.


host , loneliness , retirement , seclusion


aggregation , assemblage , assembly , association , band , body , circle , clan , clique , club , collection , community , concourse , congregation , convention , corps , cortege , coterie , crew , ensemble , gang * , gathering , group , horde , jungle * , league , mob * , muster , order , outfit , pack , party , retinue , ring , ruck , set , team , throng , troop , troupe , turnout , zoo , business , concern , corporation , enterprise , establishment , firm , house , megacorp , multinational , partnership , syndicate , boarder , caller , companionship , presence , society , visitor , conclave , conference , congress , convocation , crowd , meeting , guest , visitant , fellowship , companion , consort , core , escort , flock , gang , guild. seesociety , host , mob , squad
attend , companion , escort

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