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Mục lục


a playing card or die marked with or having the value indicated by a single spot
He dealt me four aces in the first hand.
a single spot or mark on a playing card or die.
(in tennis, badminton, handball, etc.)
Also called service ace. a placement made on a service.
any placement.
a serve that the opponent fails to touch.
the point thus scored.
a fighter pilot credited with destroying a prescribed number or more of enemy aircraft, usually five, in combat.
a very skilled person; expert; adept
an ace at tap dancing.
Slang . a one-dollar bill.
Slang . a close friend.
Golf .
Also called hole in one. a shot in which the ball is driven from the tee into the hole in one stroke
He hit a 225-yard ace on the first hole.
a score of one stroke made on such a shot
to card an ace.
Slang . a barbiturate or amphetamine capsule or pill.
a very small quantity, amount, or degree; a particle
not worth an ace.
Slang . a grade of A; the highest grade or score.

Verb (used with object)

(in tennis, badminton, handball, etc.) to win a point against (one's opponent) by an ace.
Golf . to make an ace on (a hole).
Slang . to cheat, defraud, or take advantage of (often fol. by out )
to be aced out of one's inheritance; a friend who aced me out of a good job.
Slang .
to receive a grade of A, as on a test or in a course (sometimes fol. by out ).
to complete easily and successfully
He aced every physical fitness test they gave him.


excellent; first-rate; outstanding. ?

Verb phrase

ace it, Slang . to accomplish something with complete success
a champion who could ace it every time.


ace up one's sleeve, an important, effective, or decisive argument, resource
or advantage kept in reserve until needed.
be aces with
Slang . to be highly regarded by
The boss says you're aces with him.
easy aces
Auction Bridge . aces equally divided between opponents.
within an ace of
within a narrow margin of; close to
He came within an ace of winning.


inept , unskilled
clod , ignoramus


brilliant , champion , distinguished , excellent , expert , first-rate , great , master , outstanding , superb , virtuoso , banner , blue-ribbon , brag , capital , fine , first-class , prime , quality , splendid , superior , terrific , tiptop , top
champion , genius , master , pro , star , virtuoso , winner , wizard , adept , authority , dab hand , past master , professional , proficient , crackerjack , expert , flyer , hero , tip-top , topnotch , tops
beat , best , conquer , master , overcome , prevail against , rout , subdue , subjugate , surmount , triumph over , vanquish , worst

Tham khảo thêm từ có nội dung liên quan

  • the lowest throw at dice, the double ace., bad luck; misfortune., the smallest amount or distance.
  • of admiration; inspiring approval, reverence, or affection., excellent; first-rate., adjective, adjective, contemptible , despicable , detestable , hateful , loathsome , repugnant , repulsive , shameful , unworthy, a-1 * , ace * , a-ok , attractive...
  • a pilot of an airplane or other heavier-than-air aircraft., noun, ace , aeronaut , airperson , barnstormer , bird legs , eagle * , flier , hotshot , jockey * , navigator , pilot , airman , airwoman , birdman
  • cards . trump 1 ( def. 1a ) ., informal . something that gives one person or group
  • skilled; proficient; expert, a skilled or proficient person; expert., adjective, adjective, noun, an adept juggler ., awkward , clumsy , incompetent , inept , unskilled, accomplished , ace
  • superior quality or prominence; first-rate; specially selected, adjective, a blue -ribbon committee of fund -raisers., ace
  • a famous or well-known person., fame; renown., noun, noun, nobody , obscurity, ace , big cheese
  • also called dab hand. a person skilled in something; an expert., an excellent or extraordinary person or thing., expert; excellent; extraordinary., noun, ace
  • a woman of distinguished courage or ability, admired for her brave deeds and noble qualities
  • a

Xem tiếp các từ khác

  • Acephalous

    also, acephalic, without a leader or ruler.
  • Acerb

    acerbic., adjective, acerbic , acetous , acid , acidulous , dry , tangy , tart
  • Acerbate

    to make sour or bitter., to exasperate., embittered., verb, aggravate , annoy , disturb , perturb , provoke , rattle one’s cage , embitter , envenom...
  • Acerbic

    sour or astringent in taste, harsh or severe, as of temper or expression, adjective, lemon juice is acerbic ., acerbic criticism ., acidic , acrid , astringent...
  • Acerbity

    sourness, with roughness or astringency of taste., harshness or severity, as of temper or expression., noun, noun, mellowness , mildness , sweetness ,...
  • Acerose

    needle-shaped, as the leaves of the pine.
  • Acerous

    acerose 1 .
  • Acervate

    pertaining to growth, esp. of fungi, that forms a dense, heaped-up mass.
  • Acescent

    turning sour; slightly sour; acidulous.
  • Acetate

    chemistry . a salt or ester of acetic acid., also called acetate rayon. a synthetic filament, yarn, or fabric composed of a derivative of the acetic ester...

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