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Keep up

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Mục lục

Verb (used with object)

to hold or retain in one's possession; hold as one's own
If you like it, keep it. Keep the change.
to hold or have the use of for a period of time
You can keep it for the summer.
to hold in a given place; store
You can keep your things in here.
to maintain (some action), esp. in accordance with specific requirements, a promise, etc.
to keep watch; to keep step.
to cause to continue in a given position, state, course, or action
to keep a light burning; to keep a child happy.
to maintain in condition or order, as by care and labor
He keeps his car in good condition.
to maintain in usable or edible condition; preserve
If you want to keep meat for a long time, freeze it.
to hold in custody or under guard, as a prisoner
They kept him in jail.
to cause to stay in a particular place; prevent or restrain from departure
The work kept her at the office.
to have regularly in stock and for sale
to keep a large supply of machine parts.
to maintain in one's service or for one's use or enjoyment
to keep a car and chauffeur.
to associate with
She keeps bad company.
to have the care, charge, or custody of
She keeps my dog when I travel.
to refrain from disclosing; withhold from the knowledge of others
to keep a secret.
to withhold from use; reserve; save
I'll keep this toy until you learn to behave. Keep the good wine for company.
to hold back or restrain
They kept the child from talking. Nothing can keep him from doing it.
to maintain control of; regulate
to keep the peace; to keep your temper.
to maintain by writing
to keep a diary.
to record (business transactions, daily occurrences, etc.) regularly
to keep records; to keep a list of visitors.
to observe; pay obedient regard to (a law, rule, promise, etc.).
to conform to; follow; fulfill
to keep one's word.
to observe (a season, festival, etc.) with formalities or rites
to keep Christmas.
to maintain or carry on, as an establishment, business, etc.; manage.
to guard; protect
He kept her from harm.
to maintain or support
It costs more each year to keep a house.
to support or contribute to the support of in return for sexual or other favors.
to take care of; tend
to keep a vegetable garden.
to raise (livestock)
These farmers keep goats and cattle.
to remain in (a place, spot, etc.)
Please keep your seats.
to maintain one's position in or on
He kept the job.
to continue to follow (a path, track, course, etc.).
to maintain in active existence, as an assembly, court, or fair.

Verb (used without object)

to continue in an action, course, position, state, etc.
to keep in sight; to keep going.
to remain, or continue to be, as specified
to keep cool.
to remain or stay in a particular place
to keep indoors.
to continue unimpaired or without spoiling
The food will keep on ice.
to admit of being reserved for a future occasion
I have more to tell you, but it will keep.
to keep oneself or itself as specified (fol. by away, back, off, out, etc.)
Keep off the grass.
to restrain oneself; refrain (usually fol. by from )
Try to keep from smiling.


board and lodging; subsistence; support
to work for one's keep.
the innermost and strongest structure or central tower of a medieval castle.
keeps, ( used with a singular verb ) a game of marbles in which the players keep the marbles they have won. ?

Verb phrases

keep at, to persist in; be steadfast
You'll never master your French unless you keep at it.
keep back,
to hold in check; restrain
The dikes kept back the floodwaters.
to stay away from
The crowds would not keep back from the barrier.
to refuse to reveal
The prisoner was keeping back vital information.
keep down,
to hold under control or at a reduced or acceptable level
to keep your voice down.
to prevent from going up or increasing
to keep prices down.
keep in with, to stay in someone's favor; be on good terms with
They are social climbers who make certain to keep in with all the right people.
keep on, to continue; persist
If you keep on singing they'll ask you to leave.
keep to,
to adhere to; conform to
She keeps to the rules.
to confine oneself to
to keep to one's bed.
keep up,
to maintain an equal rate of speed, activity, or progress with another or others.
to persevere; continue.
to maintain the good condition of; keep in repair.
Also, keep up on or with. to stay informed
to keep up on current events.
to match one's friends, neighbors, business associates, etc., in success, affluence, etc. ?


for keeps
Informal .
under the stipulation that one keeps one's winnings.
with serious intent or purpose.
finally; permanently
They decided to settle the argument for keeps.
keep books
to maintain financial records.
keep tab or tabs on. tab 1 ( def. 14 ) .
keep time. time ( def. 50 ) .
keep to oneself
to remain aloof from the society of others.
to hold (something) as secret or confidential
I'll tell you only if you promise to keep it to yourself.
keep track of. track ( def. 38 ) .


let go , neglect


balance , compete , contend , continue , emulate , go on , hold on , keep pace , keep step , match , pace , persevere , preserve , rival , run with , vie , keep

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