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Mục lục

Verb (used with object)

to put (something) in a position to obstruct an entrance, opening, etc.; shut.
to stop or obstruct (a gap, entrance, aperture, etc.)
to close a hole in a wall with plaster.
to block or hinder passage across or access to
to close a border to tourists; to close the woods to picnickers.
to stop or obstruct the entrances, apertures, or gaps in
He closed the crate and tied it up.
(of the mind) to make imperceptive or inaccessible
to close one's mind to the opposite opinion.
to bring together the parts of; join; unite (often fol. by up )
Close up those ranks! The surgeon closed the incision.
Electricity . to complete (an electrical circuit) by joining the circuit elements
The circuit was closed so the current could be measured.
to bring to an end
to close a debate.
to arrange the final details of; to conclude negotiations about
to close a deal to everyone's satisfaction.
to complete or settle (a contract or transaction); consummate
We close the sale of the house next week.
to stop rendering the customary services of
to close a store for the night.
to terminate or suspend the operation of; to halt the activities of
The epidemic forced authorities to close the schools. The police closed the bar for selling liquor to minors.
Nautical . to come close to
We closed the cruiser to put our injured captain on board.
Metalworking . to reduce the internal diameter of (a tube or the like).
Archaic . to shut in or surround on all sides; enclose; cover in
to close a bird in a cage.

Verb (used without object)

to become closed; shut
The door closed with a bang. This window is stuck and will not close tight.
to come together; unite
Her lips closed firmly.
to come close
His pursuers closed rapidly.
to grapple; engage in close encounter (often fol. by with )
We closed with the invaders shortly before sundown.
to come to an end; terminate
The service closed with a hymn.
to cease to offer the customary activities or services
The school closed for the summer.
to enter into or reach an agreement, usually as a contract
The builder closed with the contractor after negotiations.
(of a theatrical production) to cease to be performed
The play closed in New York yesterday and will open in Dallas next week.
(of a stock, group of stocks, etc.) to be priced or show a change in price as specified at the end of a trading period
The market closed low for the fourth straight day.


having the parts or elements near to one another
a close formation of battleships.
compact; dense
a close texture; a close weave.
being in or having proximity in space or time
The barn is so close to the house that you can hear the animals. His birthday is in May, close to mine.
marked by similarity in degree, action, feeling, etc.
This dark pink is close to red. He left her close to tears.
near, or near together, in kind or relationship
a flower close to a rose; a close relative.
intimate or confidential; dear.
based on a strong uniting feeling of respect, honor, or love
a close circle of friends.
fitting tightly
a close, clinging negligee.
(of a haircut or shave, the mowing of a lawn, etc.) so executed that the hair, grass, or the like is left flush with the surface or very short.
not deviating from the subject under consideration.
strict; searching; minute
The matter requires close investigation.
not deviating from a model or original
a close, literal translation.
nearly even or equal
a close contest.
strictly logical
close reasoning.
shut; shut tight; not open
a close hatch.
shut in; enclosed.
completely enclosing or surrounding
a close siege preventing all escape.
without opening; with all openings covered or closed.
confined; narrow
close quarters.
lacking fresh or freely circulating air
a hot, close room.
heavy; oppressive
a spell of close, sultry weather.
narrowly confined, as a prisoner.
practicing or keeping secrecy; secretive; reticent
She is so close that you can tell her all your secrets.
parsimonious; stingy
He is very close with his money.
scarce, as money.
not open to public or general admission, competition, etc.
The entire parish participated in the close communication.
(of a delimiting punctuation mark) occurring at the end of a group of words or characters that is set off, as from surrounding text
close parentheses; close quotes; close brackets. Compare open def. 32
Hunting, Angling . closed ( def. 8 ) .
Phonetics . (of a vowel) articulated with a relatively small opening between the tongue and the roof of the mouth. Compare high ( def. 23 ) , open ( def. 34a ) .
Heraldry . (of a bird) represented as having folded wings
an eagle close.
Archaic . viscous; not volatile.


in a close manner; closely.
near; close by.
Heraldry . immediately behind the ears, so as to show no neck
a bear's head couped close.


the act of closing.
the end or conclusion
at the close of day; the close of the speech.
an enclosed place or enclosure, esp. one about or beside a cathedral or other building.
any piece of land held as private property.
complimentary close.
Music . cadence ( def. 7 ) .
Stock Exchange .
the closing price on a stock.
the closing prices on an exchange market.
a narrow entry or alley terminating in a dead end.
a courtyard enclosed except for one narrow entrance.
Archaic . a junction; union.
Obsolete . a close encounter; a grapple
The fighters met in a fierce close.

Verb phrases

close down,
to terminate the operation of; discontinue
to close down an air base because of budget cuts.
to attempt to control or eliminate
The city must close down drug traffic.
close in on or upon,
to approach so as to capture, attack, arrest, etc.
The hoodlums closed in on their victim.
to surround or envelop so as to entrap
a feeling that the room was closing in upon her.
close out,
to reduce the price of (merchandise) for quick sale
That store is closing out its stock of men's clothing.
to liquidate or dispose of finally and completely
They closed out their interests after many years in this city.
close up,
to come together in close array; converge
The enemy was closing up on us from both flanks.
to bring to an end; cease
The company is closing up its overseas operations.
to become silent or uncommunicative.
to reduce or eliminate spacing material between (units of set type). ?


close ranks, to unite forces, esp. by overlooking petty differences, in order to deal with an adverse or challenging situation; to join together in a show of unity
esp. to the public
When the newspaper story broke suggesting possible corruption in the government, the politicians all closed ranks.
close to the wind
Nautical . in a direction nearly opposite to that from which the wind is coming
to sail close to the wind.
close up
from close range; in a detailed manner; intimately.
Nautical . fully raised; at the top of the halyard
an answering pennant flown close up. Compare dip def. 37

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