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Mục lục

Verb (used with object)

to move or bring (something) upward from the ground or other support to a higher position; hoist.
to raise or direct upward
He lifted his arm in a gesture of farewell; to lift one's head.
to remove or rescind by an official act, as a ban, curfew, or tax
a court decision to lift the ban on strikes by teachers.
to stop or put an end to (a boycott, blockade, etc.)
The citizenry will have to conserve food and water until the siege against the city is lifted.
to hold up or display on high.
to raise in rank, condition, estimation, etc.; elevate or exalt (sometimes used reflexively)
His first book lifted him from obscurity. By hard work they lifted themselves from poverty.
to make audible or louder, as the voice or something voiced
The congregation lifted their voices in song.
to transfer from one setting to another
For the protagonist of the new play, the author has lifted a character from an early novel.
Informal . to plagiarize
Whole passages had been lifted from another book.
Informal . to steal
His wallet was lifted on the crowded subway.
airlift ( def. 5 ) .
to remove (plants and tubers) from the ground, as after harvest or for transplanting.
Horology . (of an escape wheel) to move (a pallet) by moving along the outer, oblique face.
to pay off (a mortgage, promissory note, etc.).
Golf . to pick up (the ball), as to move it from an unplayable lie.
to perform a surgical face lifting on.
Shipbuilding .
to transfer (measurements and the like) from a drawing, model, etc., to a piece being built.
to form (a template) according to a drawing, model, etc.
to cease temporarily from directing (fire or bombardment) on an objective or area
They lifted the fire when the infantry began to advance.
Fox Hunting . to take (hounds) from the line of a fox to where it has just been seen.

Verb (used without object)

to go up; yield to upward pressure
The box is too heavy to lift. The lid won't lift.
to pull or strain upward in the effort to raise something
to lift at a heavy weight.
to move upward or rise; rise and disperse, as clouds or fog.
(of rain) to stop temporarily.
to rise to view above the horizon when approached, as land seen from the sea.


the act of lifting, raising, or rising
the lift of a hand.
the distance that anything rises or is raised
a lift of 20 feet between canal locks.
a lifting or raising force
A kite depends on the wind to act as its lift.
the weight, load, or quantity lifted.
an act or instance of helping to climb or mount
He gave her a lift onto the wagon.
a ride in a vehicle, esp. one given to a pedestrian
Can you give me a lift across town?
a feeling of exaltation or uplift
Their visit gave me quite a lift.
assistance or aid
The fund-raiser's successful efforts proved a great lift for the organization.
a device or apparatus for lifting
a hydraulic lift.
a movement in which a dancer, skater, etc., lifts up his partner.
Skiing .
ski lift.
chair lift.
British .
elevator ( def. 2 ) .
any device used to lift or elevate, as a dumbwaiter or hoist.
Informal . a theft.
a rise or elevation of ground.
Aeronautics . the component of the aerodynamic force exerted by the air on an airfoil, having a direction perpendicular to the direction of motion and causing an aircraft to stay aloft.
Nautical .
the capacity of a cargo ship measured in dead-weight tons.
topping lift.
one of the layers of leather forming the heel of a boot or shoe.
a special arch support built or inserted into footwear.
Mining . the slice or thickness of ore mined in one operation.
Building Trades . the height of the quantity of concrete poured into a form at one time.
Naval Architecture . any of the horizontal planks forming a type of half model (lift model), able to be removed and measured as a guide to laying out the water lines of the vessel at full scale.
Typesetting . fat ( def. 23 ) .
Printing . the quantity of paper loaded into or removed from a press or other printing machine at one time.
Horology .
the displacement of a pallet by an escape wheel that has been unlocked.
the angle through which the pallet passes when so displaced.
airlift ( defs. 1?3 ) .


harm , ill will
descend , drop , lower , impose , set down , give , receive , demote , depress , dispirit , weaken


car ride , drive , journey , passage , ride , run , transport , assist , assistance , boost , comfort , encouragement , hand , leg up , pick-me-up * , reassurance , relief , secours , shot in the arm , succor , support , heave , hoist , animation , elatedness , euphoria , exaltation , exhilaration , inspiration , uplift
arise , aspire , bear aloft , boost , bring up , build up , buoy up , climb , come up , disappear , disperse , dissipate , draw up , elevate , erect , goose * , heft , hike , hike up , hoist , jack up , jump up , mount , move up , pick up , put up , raise , raise high , rear , rise , soar , take up , up , upheave , uphold , uplift , upraise , uprear , vanish , annul , cancel , countermand , dismantle , end , recall , relax , remove , rescind , reverse , stop , terminate , abstract , appropriate , cop , copy , crib , filch , hook , nip , pilfer , pinch , pirate , plagiarize , pocket , purloin , snitch , swipe , take , thieve , advance , ameliorate , dignify , enhance , exalt , support , upgrade , heave , ascend , take off , scatter , repeal , revoke , animate , buoy , exhilarate , flush , inspire , inspirit , snatch , aid , crane , derrick , elevator , encourage , hand , help , improve , jack , levitate , ligament , pry , ride , steal , theft , transport

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  • Lift-off

    aeronautics, rocketry ., informal . the launching or commencement of a project, plan, etc., that removes by lifting off; capable of being lifted off, the...
  • Lift off

    aeronautics, rocketry ., informal . the launching or commencement of a project, plan, etc., that removes by lifting off; capable of being lifted off, the...
  • Lifted

    held up in the air; "stood with arms upraised"; "her upraised flag"[syn: upraised ]
  • Ligament

    anatomy, zoology . a band of tissue, usually white and fibrous, serving to connect bones, hold organs in place, etc., a tie or bond, noun, the desire for...
  • Ligamental

    pertaining to, of the nature of, or forming a ligament.
  • Ligamentous

    pertaining to, of the nature of, or forming a ligament.
  • Ligate

    to bind with or as if with a ligature; tie up (a bleeding artery or the like).
  • Ligation

    the act of ligating, esp. of surgically tying up a bleeding artery., anything that binds or ties up; ligature.
  • Ligature

    the act of binding or tying up, anything that serves for binding or tying up, as a band, bandage, or cord., a tie or bond, printing, orthography . a stroke...
  • Light

    something that makes things visible or affords illumination, physics ., the sensation produced by stimulation of the organs of sight., an illuminating...
  • Light-fingered

    skillful at or given to pilfering, esp. by picking pockets; thievish., having light and nimble fingers.
  • Light-footed

    stepping lightly or nimbly; light of foot; nimble.
  • Light-handed

    short-handed., having the hands lightly or only slightly encumbered, as with parcels or bundles., having a light touch; handling things delicately and...
  • Light-headed

    weak and likely to lose consciousness; "suddenly felt faint from the pain"; "was sick and faint from hunger"; "felt light in the head"; "a swooning fit";...
  • Light-hearted

    carefree and happy and lighthearted; "was loved for her blithe spirit"; "a merry blithesome nature"; "her lighthearted nature"; "trilling songs with a...
  • Light-minded

    having or showing a lack of serious purpose, attitude, etc.; frivolous; trifling, to be in a light -minded mood .
  • Light headed

    giddy, dizzy, or delirious, having or showing a frivolous or volatile disposition; thoughtless, after two drinks pat began to feel lightheaded ., lightheaded...
  • Light hearted

    carefree; cheerful; gay, a lighthearted laugh .
  • Light on

    to get down or descend, as from a horse or a vehicle., to come to rest, as on a spot or thing; fall or settle upon; land, to come by chance; happen; hit...
  • Lighten

    to become lighter or less dark; brighten, to brighten or light up, as the eyes or features, to flash as or like lightning (often used impersonally with...
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