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anything done, being done, or to be done; deed; performance
a heroic act.
the process of doing
caught in the act.
a formal decision, law, or the like, by a legislature, ruler, court, or other authority; decree or edict; statute; judgment, resolve, or award
an act of Congress.
an instrument or document stating something done or transacted.
one of the main divisions of a play or opera
the second act of Hamlet.
a short performance by one or more entertainers, usually part of a variety show or radio or television program.
the personnel of such a group
The act broke up after 30 years.
false show; pretense; feint
The politician's pious remarks were all an act.
Philosophy . (in scholasticism)
activity in process; operation.
the principle or power of operation.
form as determining essence.
a state of realization, as opposed to potentiality.

Verb (used without object)

to do something; exert energy or force; be employed or operative
He acted promptly in the emergency.
to reach, make, or issue a decision on some matter
I am required to act before noon tomorrow.
to operate or function in a particular way; perform specific duties or functions
to act as manager.
to produce an effect; perform a function
The medicine failed to act.
to behave or conduct oneself in a particular fashion
to act well under all conditions.
to pretend; feign
Act interested even if you're bored.
to perform as an actor
He acted in three plays by Molière.
to be capable of being performed
His plays don't act well.
to serve or substitute (usually fol. by for )
In my absence the assistant manager will act for me.

Verb (used with object)

to represent (a fictitious or historical character) with one's person
to act Macbeth.
to feign; counterfeit
to act outraged virtue.
to behave as
He acted the fool.
Obsolete . to actuate. ?

Verb phrases

act on or upon,
to act in accordance with; follow
He acted on my advice.
to have an effect on; affect
The stirring music acted on the emotions of the audience.
act out,
to demonstrate or illustrate by pantomime or by words and gestures
The party guests acted out stories for one another.
Psychology . to give overt expression to (repressed emotions or impulses) without insightful understanding
The patients acted out early traumas by getting angry with the analyst.
act up,
to fail to function properly; malfunction
The vacuum cleaner is acting up again.
to behave willfully
The children always act up in school the day before a holiday.
to become painful or troublesome, esp. after a period of improvement or remission
My arthritis is acting up again this morning.
get or have one's act together, Informal . to organize one's time, job, resources, etc., so as to function efficiently
The new administration is still getting its act together.


act funny
to display eccentric or suspicious behavior.
act one's age
to behave in a manner appropriate to one's maturity
We children enjoyed our uncle because he didn't always act his age.
clean up one's act, Informal . to begin adhering to more acceptable practices, rules of behavior
The factory must clean up its act and treat its employees better.


cessation , idleness , inactivity , inertia , quiet , repose , rest , stoppage , suspension
abstain , cease , discontinue , give up , halt , hesitate , idle , refrain , stop


accomplishment , achievement , action , deed , doing , execution , exploit , feat , move , operation , performance , step , thing , undertakingnotes:an act is the main dramatic unit and a scene is a division within an act , amendment , announcement , bill , clause , code , commitment , decree , edict , enactment , judgment , law , measure , order , ordinance , resolution , statute , subpoena , summons , verdict , warrant , writnotes:an act is the main dramatic unit and a scene is a division within an act , bit * , curtain , epilogue , gag * , introduction , number , piece , prologue , routine , scene , schtick , show , sketch , spot , turnnotes:an act is the main dramatic unit and a scene is a division within an act , affectation , attitude , chaser , dissimilation , fake , false front * , feigning , front , phony , pose , posture , pretense , put-on , sham , shuck and jive , simulation , soft soap * , stall , stance , stunt , sweet talk *notes:an act is the main dramatic unit and a scene is a division within an act , work , assize , legislation , lex , skit , acting , disguise , dissemblance , masquerade
accomplish , achieve , begin , carry on , carry out , consummate , cook , create , develop , do , do a number , do one’s thing , enforce , execute , function , get in there , go about , go for broke , go for it * , go in for , go that route , go to town , intrude , knock off * , labor , make progress , maneuver , move , officiate , operate , percolate * , perk * , perpetrate , persevere , persist , practice , preside , pursue , respond , serve , take effect , take part , take steps , take up , transort , undertake , work outnotes:an act is the main dramatic unit and a scene is a division within an act , appear , behave , carry , carry oneself , comport , conduct , enact , exert , give the appearance , impress as , perform , play part , react , represent oneself , seem , strike , take onnotes:an act is the main dramatic unit and a scene is a division within an act , be on , bring down the house , burlesque , characterize , do a turn , dramatize , emote , feign , go on , go over , ham * , ham it up * , impersonate , lay an egg , make debut , mime , mimic , mug , parody , personate , personify , play , play act , play gig , play role , portray , pretend , put it over , rehearse , represent , say one’s piece , simulate , star , stooge * , strut * , tread the boards *notes:an act is the main dramatic unit and a scene is a division within an act , acquit , bear , demean , deport , quit , counterfeit , dissemble , fake , play-act , pose , put on , sham , work , give , present
phrasal verb
carry on , misbehave

Các từ tiếp theo

  • Act of God

    a direct, sudden, and irresistible action of natural forces such as could not reasonably have been foreseen or prevented, as a flood, hurricane, earthquake,...
  • Act up

    anything done, being done, or to be done; deed; performance, the process of doing, a formal decision, law, or the like, by a legislature, ruler, court,...
  • Acting

    serving temporarily, esp. as a substitute during another's absence; not permanent; temporary, designed, adapted, or suitable for stage performance., provided...
  • Actinia

    a sea anemone, esp. of the genus actinia.
  • Actiniae

    a sea anemone, esp. of the genus actinia.
  • Actinic

    pertaining to actinism.
  • Actinism

    the property of radiation by which chemical effects are produced.
  • Actinium

    a radioactive silver-white metallic element that glows blue in the dark, resembling the rare earths in chemical behavior and valence. symbol: ac; atomic...
  • Actinometer

    a device for measuring intensity of radiation, esp. that of the sun.
  • Actinomorphic

    biology . having radial symmetry., botany . (of certain flowers, as the buttercup) divisible vertically into similar halves by each of a number of planes...

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