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extending far down from the top or surface
a deep well; a deep valley.
extending far in or back from the front or from an edge, surface, opening, etc., considered as the front
a deep shelf.
extending far in width; broad
deep lace; a deep border.
ranging far from the earth and sun
a deep space probe.
having a specified dimension in depth
a tank 8 feet deep.
covered or immersed to a specified depth (often used in combination)
standing knee-deep in water.
having a specified width or number of items from front to back (often used in combination)
shelves that are 10 inches deep; cars lined up at the entrance gates three-deep.
extending or cutting far down relative to the surface of a given object
The knife made a deep scar in the table.
situated far down, in, or back
deep below the surface; deep in the woods.
reaching or advancing far down
a deep dive.
coming from far down
a deep breath.
made with the body bent or lowered to a considerable degree
a deep bow.
immersed or submerged in or heavily covered with (fol. by in )
a road deep in mud.
difficult to penetrate or understand; abstruse
a deep allegory.
not superficial; profound
deep thoughts.
grave or serious
deep disgrace.
heartfelt; sincere
deep affections.
absorbing; engrossing
deep study.
great in measure; intense; extreme
deep sorrow.
sound and heavy; profound
deep sleep.
(of colors) dark and vivid
a deep red.
low in pitch, as sound, a voice, or the like
deep, sonorous tones.
having penetrating intellectual powers
a deep scholar.
profoundly cunning or artful
a deep and crafty scheme.
mysterious; obscure
deep, dark secrets.
immersed or involved; enveloped
a man deep in debt.
absorbed; engrossed
deep in thought.
Baseball . relatively far from home plate
He hit the ball into deep center field.
Linguistics . belonging to an early stage in the transformational derivation of a sentence; belonging to the deep structure.


the deep part of a body of water, esp. an area of the ocean floor having a depth greater than 18,000 ft. (5400 m).
a vast extent, as of space or time.
the part of greatest intensity, as of winter.
Nautical . any of the unmarked levels, one fathom apart, on a deep-sea lead line. Compare mark 1 ( def. 20 ) .
the deep, Chiefly Literary . the sea or ocean
He was laid to rest in the deep.


to or at a considerable or specified depth
The boat rode deep in the water.
far on in time
He claimed he could see deep into the future.
profoundly; intensely.
Baseball . at or to a deep place or position
The outfielders played deep, knowing the batter's reputation as a slugger.


go off the deep end
to enter upon a course of action with heedless or irresponsible indifference to consequences.
to become emotionally overwrought.
in deep
inextricably involved.
having made or committed oneself to make a large financial investment.
in deep water
in difficult or serious circumstances; in trouble.
in a situation beyond the range of one's capability or skill
You're a good student, but you'll be in deep water in medical school.


shallow , frivolous , ignorant , superficial , trivial , unintelligent , aboveboard , artless , open , flighty , light , pale , quiet , soft


abysmal , abyssal , below , beneath , bottomless , broad , buried , deep-seated , distant , downreaching , far , fathomless , immersed , inmost , low , profound , rooted , subaqueous , submarine , submerged , subterranean , sunk , underground , unfathomable , wide , yawning , abstruse , acute , arcane , complex , concealed , delphic , difficult , discerning , esoteric , hard to understand , heavy * , hermetic , hidden , incisive , intricate , learned , mysterious , obscure , occult , orphic , penetrating , recondite , sagacious , secret , serious , sibylline , wise , artful , astute , canny , contriving , crafty , cunning , designing , foxy , guileful , insidious , intriguing , keen , knowing , plotting , sharp , shrewd , sly , tricky , wily , abstracted , centered , concentrated , enfolded , engaged , fixed , focused , intent , into , lost , musing , preoccupied , rapt , set , wrapped , wrapped up , bass , booming , dark , extreme , full-toned , grave , great , hard , low-pitched , low-toned , resonant , rich , sonorous , strong , vivid , intense , alto , contralto , cavernous , endemic , grum , guttural , incomprehensible , inexplicable , ingrained , inveterate , navigable , nethermost , unfathomed
blue * , brine , briny * , davy jones’s locker , drink * , main , middle , ocean , poseidon’s realm , the high seas , abysm , abyss , chasm , depth , gulf , absorbed , abstruse , abstrusity , abysmal , below , bottomless , complete , complex , cunning , dark , entangled , focused , grave , heavy , insidious , intense , intent , involved , low , nadir , penetrating , philosophical , profound , profundity , sea , serious , sly , thorough , vivid

Tham khảo thêm từ có nội dung liên quan

  • a deep green.
  • a deep green.
  • moderate to deep red.
  • a long, deep sigh.
  • , =====causing anguish or deep distress; arousing deep sympathy.
  • (in south africa) a deep glen; ravine.
  • of a deep shade of green; olive.
  • of a deep slightly bluish red color
  • ineradicable., adjective, deep-rooted , deep-seated , entrenched , hard-shell , ineradicable , ingrained , inveterate , set , settled
  • deeply rooted; firmly implanted or established, adjective, a deep

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