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Mục lục


to, toward, or in a more elevated position
to climb up to the top of a ladder.
to or in an erect position
to stand up.
out of bed
to get up.
above the horizon
The moon came up.
to or at any point that is considered higher.
to or at a source, origin, center, or the like
to follow a stream up to its source.
to or at a higher point or degree, as of rank, size, value, pitch, loudness, brightness, maturity, or speed
to move up in a firm; to pump up a tire; to turn a lantern up; Prices are going up. Speak up! Hurry up!
ahead; in a leading position in a competition
He managed to get up on his opponent by three points.
in continuing contact, esp. as reflecting continuing awareness, knowledge, etc.
to keep up with the latest developments in mathematics.
into or in activity, operation, etc.
to set up vibrations.
into a state of emotional agitation or distress
His insults left her all roiled up.
into existence, visible form, etc.
His sample was worked up in the studio.
into view, prominence, or consideration
The lost papers have turned up.
into or in a place of safekeeping, storage, retirement, etc.
to lay up riches; to put up preserves.
into or in a state of union, contraction, etc.
to add up a column of figures; to fold up.
to the required or final point
to pay up one's debts; burned up.
to a state of completion; to an end
She finished it all up.
to a halt
The riders reined up and dismounted.
Baseball . being the player or team batting; at bat.
(used as a function word for additional emphasis, sometimes prec. by it )
Go wake your father up. What plugged it up? We laughed it up.
ahead of an opponent or opponents in points, games, etc.
The golfer was two strokes up on his nearest competitor.
each; apiece
The score was seven up in the final quarter.
(of machines or equipment, as computers) working; in working order or in operation.
Informal . without the addition of ice; straight up
Bring me a martini, up.
Nautical . toward the wind
Put the helm up.


to, toward, or at an elevated place on or in
They went up the stairs. The cat is up the tree.
to, toward, or at a high or higher station, condition, or rank on or in
He is well up the social ladder.
at or to a farther point or higher place on or in
She is up the street. I'm going up the street.
toward the source, origin, etc., of
up the stream.
toward a particular direction or in the interior of, as a region or territory
The explorers were up north.
in a course or direction that is contrary to that of
to row up the current.


moving in or related to a direction that is up or is regarded as up
the up elevator; the up train traveling north; the up platform of a railroad station.
informed; familiar; aware (usually fol. by on or in )
She is always up on current events.
concluded; ended; finished; terminated
The game is up. Your hour is up.
going on or happening; taking place; occurring
What's up over there?
having a high position or station
He is up in society.
in an erect, vertical, or raised position
The gate at the railroad crossing is up. The tent is up.
above the earth or ground
The corn is up and ready to be harvested.
in the air; aloft
The meteorological balloons are up. The airplanes are up for their reconnaissance flights.
(of heavenly bodies) risen above the horizon
The sun is up.
awake or out of bed
to be up with insomnia.
mounted on horseback
He knows which jockeys are up in every race.
(of water in natural bodies) high with relation to the banks or shore
The tide is up.
built; constructed
The new museum is up and open to the public.
facing upward
He is resting and his face is up.
sunnyside up.
(of roads, highways, etc.) having the surface broken or removed (usually used in combination)
a torn-up road.
in revolt, mutiny, or rebellious agitation
Many territories were up and preparing to send troops against the government.
in a state of agitation
Beware of him when his temper is up.
Informal . cheerful or optimistic; high-spirited; happy; exuberant; upbeat.
Informal . productive, favorable, or profitable
a string of up months for the company.
afoot or amiss
Her nervous manner told me that something was up.
in a state of enthusiastic or confident readiness (usually fol. by for )
The team was definitely up for the game.
bound; on the way
She was on a ship up for Australia.
resolved in an unfavorable or undesired way
They knew that their game was up.
higher than formerly in cost, amount, degree, etc.
The price of meat was up.
(of age) advanced (usually fol. by in )
He is rather spry for a man so up in years.
The captain wished to set sail as soon as the wind was up.
in a legal proceeding as defendant
He is up for murder.
in operation or ready for use
The theater's lights are up.
(of points or other standards used to determine the winner in a competition) ahead; in advance
He won the game with two points up over his opponent.
considered or under consideration
a candidate up for reelection; a bill that is up before Congress.
wagered; bet
He won all the money up in the game.
living or located inland or on elevated ground
They live in a village two miles up from the coast.
(used with a preceding numeral to indicate that a score is tied in a competition)
It was 10 up at the end of the first half.
ahead of an opponent or opponents
They scored three times in a row to go two up.


an upward movement; ascent.
a rise of fortune, mood, etc.
a time of good fortune, prosperity, or happiness
He has had more ups than downs in his career.
an upbound means of public transportation, as a train or bus.
Informal . a feeling or state of happiness, exuberance, or elation.
Slang . upper ( def. 10 ) .
a person or thing that is in a favorable position of wealth, fortune, etc.
People who were ups in the business world suffered losses in the economic depression.
an upward slope; elevation.
an upward course or rise, as in price or value
The landlord promised his tenants there would be no further ups in the rent this year.
Slang . upper 2 .

Verb (used with object)

to put or take up.
to make larger; step up
to up output.
to raise; go better than (a preceding wager)
to up the ante.

Verb (used without object)

Informal . to start up; begin something abruptly (usually fol. by and and another verb)
Then he upped and ran away from home.
(often used imperatively or hortatively) to rise up
Up, men, and fight until all the enemy are defeated!


all up with
at or approaching the end of; with defeat or ruin imminent for
He realized it was all up with him when the search party began to close in.
go up in one's lines. line 1 ( def. 70 ) .
on the up and up
Informal . frank; honest; sincere
He seems to be on the up and up. Also, on the up-and-up.
straight up. straight ( def. 34 ) .
up against
faced or confronted with
They were up against formidable obstacles.
up against it, in a difficult situation
esp. in financial straits
There was no one to help him when he was up against it.
up and around, recovered from an illness; able to leave one's bed. Also
up and about.
up and doing
Informal . actively engaged; alert; busy
During her convalescence she longed to be up and doing.
up and down
back and forth; backward and forward
He paced up and down.
from top to bottom or head to toe
She looked me up and down before replying.
up for
considered as eligible or as a possibility for (something)
The child is up for adoption. Three actresses are up for the role.
up to
as far as or approaching (a certain part, degree, point, etc.)
She went wading up to her knees. I am up to the eighth lesson.
in full realization or attainment of
He worked up to president of the company.
as many as; to the limit of
The car will seat up to five persons.
having adequate powers or ability for; capable of; equal to
He didn't think I was up to the job.
the duty or responsibility of; incumbent upon
It's up to you to break the news to him.
engaged in; contriving; doing
What have you been up to lately?
up your ass
Vulgar shove def. 6 Also, up yours.


elate , elevated , overjoyed
boost , hike , jack , jump , ascend , awake , increase , raise , rise

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