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Go along

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Mục lục

Verb (used without object)

to move or proceed, esp. to or from something
They're going by bus.
to leave a place; depart
People were coming and going all the time.
to keep or be in motion; function or perform as required
Can't you go any faster in your work?
to become as specified
to go mad.
to continue in a certain state or condition; be habitually
to go barefoot.
to act as specified
Go warily if he wants to discuss terms.
to act so as to come into a certain state or condition
to go into debt; to go to sleep.
to be known
to go by a false name.
to reach, extend, or give access to
Where does this door go?
to pass or elapse
The time went fast.
to be applied, allotted, awarded, transferred, etc., to a particular recipient or purpose
My money goes for food and rent.
to be sold
I have a bid of two dollars. Going! Going! Gone!
to be considered generally or usually
He's short, as basketball players go.
to conduce or tend
This only goes to prove the point.
to result or end; turn out
How did the game go?
to belong; have a place
This book goes on the top shelf.
(of colors, styles, etc.) to harmonize; be compatible; be suited
Your tweed jacket would go well with these pants.
to fit around or into; be able to be extended, contained, inserted, etc.
This belt won't go around my waist.
to be or become consumed, spent, finished, etc.
The cake went fast.
to be or become discarded, dismissed, put aside, forgotten, etc.
Those practical jokes of yours have got to go!
to develop, progress, or proceed, esp. with reference to success or satisfaction
How is your new job going?
to move or proceed with remarkable speed or energy
Look at that airplane go!
to make a certain sound
The gun goes bang.
to be phrased, written, or composed
How does that song go?
to seek or have recourse for a decision, verdict, corroboration, defense, etc.; resort
to go to court.
to become worn-out, weakened, ineffective, etc.
His eyesight is beginning to go.
to die
The old man went peacefully at 3 a.m.
to fail, break, or give way
The dike might go any minute.
to come into action; begin
Go when you hear the bell.
to make up a quantity or content; be requisite
Sixteen ounces go to the pound.
to be able to be divided; be contained as a mathematical element
Three goes into fifteen five times.
to contribute to an end result
the items that go to make up the total.
to have as one's goal; intend (usually used in the present tense, fol. by an infinitive)
Their daughter is going to be a doctor.
to be permitted, approved, or the like
Around here, anything goes.
to be authoritative; be the final word
This is my house, and what I say goes!
to subject oneself
Don't go to any trouble.
(used in the infinitive as an intensifier to indicate the idea of proceeding, esp. with the expectation of serious consequences)
He finally had to go ask for a loan.
Informal . to urinate or defecate.

Verb (used with object)

Informal . to endure or tolerate
I can't go his preaching.
Informal . to risk, pay, afford, bet, or bid
I'll go fifty dollars for a ticket, but no more.
to move or proceed with or according to; follow
Going my way?
to share or participate in to the extent of (often fol. by a complementary substantive)
to go halves.
to yield, produce, weigh as a usable amount, or grow to
This field will go two bales of cotton.
to assume the obligation, responsibility, or function of
His father went bail for him.
Informal . to enjoy, appreciate, desire, or want
I could go a big steak dinner right now.
Informal . to say; declare (usually used in speech)
I asked the clerk for my receipt, and he goes, You don't need it.


the act of going
the come and go of the seasons.
energy, spirit, or animation
a man with a lot of go.
a try at something; attempt
to have a go at winning the prize.
a successful accomplishment; success
to make a go of a new business.
Informal . a business agreement; deal; bargain
Thirty dollars? It's a go.
Informal . approval or permission, as to undertake or begin something
The boss gave us the go on the new project.
Boxing . a bout
the main go.


(in calling the start of a race) start the race; leave the starting line
On your mark! Get set! Go!


functioning properly
two minutes before the satellite is to be launched and all systems are go.

Verb phrases

go about,
to occupy oneself with; perform
The shoemaker goes about his work with a smile.
Nautical . to change course by tacking or wearing.
go after, to attempt to obtain; strive for
You'll never get what you want if you don't go after it energetically.
go against, to be in conflict with or opposed to
It goes against the company's policy.
go ahead, to proceed without hesitation or delay
If you want to use my car, go ahead.
go along,
to move or proceed.
to accompany in travel.
to agree; concur
I can't go along with you on that idea.
go around,
to be often in company (often fol. by with )
to go around with a bad crowd.
to be sufficient for all
Is there enough food to go around?
to pass or circulate, as in transmission or communication
The rumor is going around that he was forced to resign.
go at,
to assault; attack.
to begin or proceed vigorously
to go at one's work with a will.
go back on. back 2 ( def. 7 ) .
go by,
to be disregarded or not taken advantage of
Don't let this chance go by.
to be guided by or to rely upon
Don't go by what she says.
go down,
to decrease or subside, as in amount or size
Prices went down. The swelling is going down.
to descend or sink
When does the sun go down?
to suffer defeat
to go down fighting.
to be accepted or believed
This nonsense goes down as truth with many persons.
to admit of being consumed
This food goes down easily.
to be remembered in history or by posterity.
Slang . to happen; occur
What's been going down since I've been away?
British . to leave a university, permanently or at the end of a term.
Bridge . to fall short of making one's contract.
Vulgar to perform fellatio or cunnilingus.
go for,
to make an attempt at; try for
He is going for the championship.
to assault.
to favor; like
It simply isn't the kind of life you would go for.
to be used for the purpose of or be a substitute for
material that goes for silk.
go in for,
to adopt as one's particular interest; approve of; like.
to occupy oneself with; engage in
Europeans in increasing numbers are going in for camping.
go into,
to discuss or investigate
Let's not go into the question of whose fault it was.
to undertake as one's study or work
to go into medicine.
go in with, to join in a partnership or union; combine with
He asked me to go in with him on the purchase of a boat.
go off,
to explode, fire, or perform or begin to function abruptly
A gun went off in the distance.
(of what has been expected or planned) to happen
The interview went off very badly.
to leave, esp. suddenly
She went off without saying goodbye.
to die.
to deteriorate.
Slang . to experience orgasm.
go on,
to happen or take place
What's going on here?
to continue
Go on working.
to behave; act
Don't go on like that!
to talk effusively; chatter.
(used to express disbelief)
Go on, you're kidding me.
to appear onstage in a theatrical performance
I go on in the middle of the second act.
go out,
to come to an end, esp. to fade in popularity
Silent movies went out as soon as the talkies were perfected.
to cease or fail to function
The lights went out.
to participate in social activities, on dates, etc.
to take part in a strike
The printers went out yesterday in a contract dispute.
Rummy . to dispose of the last card in one's hand by melding it on the table.
Cards . to achieve a point score equal to or above the score necessary to win the game.
go over,
to repeat; review.
to be effective or successful
The proposal went over very well with the trustees.
to examine
The mechanic went over the car but found nothing wrong.
to read; scan.
go through,
to bear; experience.
to examine or search carefully
He went through all of his things but couldn't find the letter.
to be successful; be accepted or approved
The proposed appropriation will never go through.
to use up; spend completely
He went through his allowance in one day.
go through with, to persevere with to the end; bring to completion
It was perhaps the biggest challenge of her life, and she resolved to go through with it.
go under,
to be overwhelmed or ruined; fail.
(of a ship) to founder.
go up,
to be in the process of construction, as a building.
to increase in cost, value, etc.
to forget one's lines during a theatrical performance.
British . to go to a university at the beginning of a term. ?


from the word go
from the very start; since the beginning.
go and, to be so thoughtless, unfortunate
or silly as to
It was going to be a surprise but he went and told her.
go ape over or for. ape ( def. 6 ) .
go bananas. bananas ( def. 2 ) .
go down on
Vulgar to perform fellatio or cunnilingus on.
go for broke. broke ( def. 9 ) .
go for it
Informal . to pursue a goal with determination.
go it alone, to act or proceed independently, without assistance, companionship
or the like
If you don't want to form a partnership, I'll go it alone.
go native. native ( def. 18 ) .
go the whole hog
to do something thoroughly or consistently
If you're getting a new amplifier, why don't you go the whole hog and get new speakers and a turntable, too?
go to!
Archaic .
you don't say! I don't believe you!
let's do it! come on!
go together
to be appropriate or harmonious
The rug and curtains don't go together.
Informal . to keep company; date; court
They have gone together for two years.
go to it
Informal . to begin vigorously and at once.
go with
Informal . to keep company with; court; date
He went with her for two semesters. Also, go out with.
let go
to release one's grasp or hold
Please let go of my arm.
to free; release.
to cease to employ; dismiss
Business was slack and many employees were let go.
to become unrestrained; abandon inhibitions
She'd be good fun if she would just let go and enjoy herself.
to dismiss; forget; discard
Once he has an idea, he never lets go of it.
let go with
to express or utter with abandon
He let go with a sudden yell.
let oneself go
to free oneself of inhibitions or restraint
Let yourself go and get mad once in a while.
no go
Informal .
futile; useless
We tried to get there by noon, but it was no go.
not authorized or approved to proceed; canceled or aborted
Tomorrow's satellite launching is no go.
on the go
very busy; active
She's always on the go.
while going from place to place; while traveling.
to go
Informal . (of food) for consumption off the premises where sold
coffee to go.



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